Romans on the Don Classroom Exercises

Classroom exercises for Teachers based on archaeological sites excavated in Doncaster.


Here are four classroom exercises based on four actual archaeological sites excavated in Doncaster in advance of aggregates quarries. Each focuses on a different theme of life in Iron Age and Roman Britain. These exercises give the teacher the opportunity to select a site that is relatively close to the school and show what has been discovered in the area. Each contains background information, pictures and ideas for question and answer sessions and other activities. Each exercise is a PDF document that can be printed for use by the teacher. The pictures that accompany each exercise are provided as jpegs. These can be printed or used on an interactive whiteboard. Smaller versions of the pictures are also included in the PDF.

Images for use in all the exercises below can be viewed here: Images for Exercises

Exercise 1 - Living in a Round House at Brodsworth

Two Iron Age round houses were found here as well as a farming landscape dating from the late Iron Age to at least the 3rd century AD.

Download the exercise Living in a Round House pdf below:

Living in a Round House
Download (146KB)

Exercise 2 - Having a Roman Bath at Hampole

An agricultural site with a droveway and fields surrounding a Roman bathhouse.

Download the exercise Having a Roman Bath pdf below:

Having a Roman Bath
Download (658KB)

Exercise 3 - Jewellery and Baking Bread at Stainton

An Iron Age and Romano-British farmstead with ovens used to bake bread. Metal objects include a brooch in the style of a dragon, coins and writing styli.

Download the exercise Jewellery and Baking Bread pdf below:

Jewellery and Baking Bread
Download (193KB)

Exercise 4 - Farming Fields at Barnsdale Bar

Geophysics survey found an agricultural site with fields used to grow wheat. More land was farmed over time in response to increased demands for produce in the Roman period.

Download the exercise Farming Fields pdf below:

Farming Fields
Download (635KB)


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