Romans on the Don Classroom Worksheets

Here are four downloadable classroom worksheets on Archaeology and the Romans. Each comprises a Worksheet and a Questions and Answers Pack.

Each worksheet is a word document. A copy can be printed for each pupil. Either write summaries of each question on a white board or download the word document to an interactive white board. As suggestions are made by pupils they can be written on the board and, if preferred, the best answer or key word can be entered by the pupils on their sheet.

Each Questions and Answers Pack is a PDF that can be printed for use by the teacher.

Images for use in all the Worksheets below can be viewed here: Images for Worksheets

Worksheet 1 - Archaeology

This worksheet develops a knowledge of how archaeologists interpret the past and what evidence they use. It specifically relates to types of evidence that are important for discovering Iron Age and Roman sites in Doncaster.

Download (37KB)
Worksheet 1 Questions and Answers Pack
Download (1.02MB)

Worksheet 2 - What Survives from the Past

Worksheet 2 helps pupils understand what types of objects survive for archaeologists to find.

Download (50KB)
Worksheet 2 Questions and Answers Pack
Download (12KB)

Worksheet 3 - Romans and Britons

Worksheet 3 gives an understanding of life in Roman times and of the Iron Age Britons conquered by the Romans.

Download (100KB)
Worksheet 3 Questions and Answers Pack
Download (97KB)

Worksheet 4 - The Romans

Download (39KB)
Worksheet 4 Questions and Answers Pack
Download (656KB)
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