The Government has provided further Household Support Funding to Local Authorities for the period October 2022 to March 2023.

Doncaster Council will use this funding to award a single payment for food and energy to all Doncaster households on;

  • housing benefit,
  • local council tax reduction,
  • universal credit which includes the housing element or
  • means-tested free school meals.

 The one-off payment will be based on how many people are in your household as follows:

  • £70 payment to single households;
  • £90 payment to couples;
  • £130 payment to households with 1 dependent child;
  • £190 payment to households with 2 dependent children;
  • £250 payment to households with 3 dependent children; and a
  • £310 payment to households with more than 3 dependent children.

This single payment replaces the previous arrangement where schools issued vouchers for children on means-tested free school meals for each of the school holidays.

Schools are not required to issue vouchers under this Household Support Fund.

How payment will be made

Working age and receiving Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Reduction. If you received a payment under the previous Household Support Fund you will automatically get this payment and will not need to apply. Payments were made at the beginning of November 2022.

If you did not receive a payment under the previous Household Support Fund you will have to submit an application.

Working age and you do not receive Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Reduction but you do receive Universal Credit including the housing element, or means-tested free school meals; you will have to submit an application, even if you had a payment previously. 

Pensioners receiving Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Reduction will be paid automatically, you do not need to apply. We will send you a Post Office pay-out voucher. This is a letter that you take to a Post Office to redeem your award. 

Anyone else who thinks they are eligible can also apply.

We will send a decision for any applications submitted as soon as we can and payment will follow within 2 weeks of the decision being issued. All payments will be made by 31/03/23. 


Foodbanks and Hygiene Bank

Funding has also been made available to Doncaster Foodbanks and the Hygiene bank.

Please read all the above information before contacting us with any further enquiries. If you email us you must state your full name, address, telephone number and National Insurance number or we will not be able to deal with your enquiry.

The Government is making extra payments in some benefits to help with the cost of living, details of who qualifies and when payments will be made are on the Cost of Living webpage.

If you need help or advice: MoneyHelper brings together the support and services of three government-backed financial guidance providers: the Money Advice Service, the Pensions Advisory Service and Pension Wise.

Visit for further information.

Privacy Notice

The Council is committed to meeting its data protection obligations and handling your information securely. You should make sure you read and understand the Council Tax privacy notice, which sets out what you need to know about how Doncaster Council will use your information in the course of our work.

Last updated: 21 November 2022 12:28:19

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