Coroners investigate deaths that have been reported to them.

Who reports a death to the Coroner?

Anyone can report a death to the Coroner although usually it is reported by the Police, a medical professional or the local Registrar.  An investigation may then be opened to establish whether a death is natural or not, depending on this outcome this could then lead to an Inquest

The circumstances of deaths reported to the Coroner:

A death may be reported to the coroner under the following circumstances:

  • any sudden or unexpected death,
  • a death occurring after injury,
  • an industrial death,
  • if the death is violent for example accident,
  • suicide or murder.  

What happens once a death is reported?

Initial enquiries are made by the Coroners officers and submission to the Coroner for consideration.

Post mortem examinations

A post mortem is an examination of the body of the person who has died, it is sometimes required if the deceased’s own doctor or the hospital doctor cannot give a medical cause of death. 

Further Information

Telephone: General Office: 01302 737135
Coroners officers :  01302 737136, 01302 737137   

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