Shared Lives sees trained carers allow people with various disabilities, mental health issues and/or dementia to move in to their home and become part of their family life.

We have teamed up with our partners Avalon to develop this pioneering alternative to traditional care here in Doncaster.

Shared lives is available through day opportunities, short breaks or respite and long term support. It is open to older people and those with disabilities, and placements are based on compatibility in terms of experience, location, pastimes and hobbies. We aim to place the person being cared for with people who they will feel comfortable with from the start.

Types of Shared Lives services available

  • Day opportunities - the cared-for person will go to a trained carer's home for the day and do things with the family such as shopping, learning to cook, going fishing, and so on.
  • Short breaks/respite - this offers the opportunity to stay with a family on a regular basis. This works very well for a number of individuals as they can go to a familiar setting, where they have an existing relationship, rather than institutional care
  • Long term support - we are also able to offer long term support to an individual within a family home, enabling them to become a member of the family. Support can include reassurance, a familiar setting, routine, their own space and the ability to build relationships with family members
  • Mixed packages of care are available

How to get involved

Avalon vet and assess all Shared Lives carers and provide full induction training. They also initiate and manage matches, as well as supporting both the individual and family.

If you are interested in becoming a Shared Lives carer please contact Avalon, who will arrange to meet with you and discuss the opportunity. Call 01302 739178 or visit their website for more information.


Last updated: 29 November 2023 15:30:26

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