Doncaster’s Carer’s Strategy ‘’We hear, we listen, we care, if you care” Doncaster’s All Age Carer’s Strategy 2022- 2025 has been launched. The strategy outlines how DMBC , along with and partners, will support unpaid carers of all ages undertake the invaluable contribution they make on a daily basis to the people they are supporting, services and the wider borough.

This strategy has been co-produced with carers, to voice their experiences to enable positive changes, in order to improve the wellbeing of Doncaster carers. It seeks to acknowledge the challenges that carers have faced over the last few years, particularly in relation to Covid, and improve the support available to all carers when they need it.

To achieve this, 6 key areas have been identified by carers for the partnership to work on to bring the strategy to life by achieving a step change in the advice, guidance and support carers receive so they can live happy, healthy and independent lives. The launch of this new strategy signals the beginning of work to achieve this.

We are aware there are thousands of unpaid carers in Doncaster, all playing a vital role supporting their families and friends to live independently within their own homes and their communities.

Whilst rewarding, caring can also be demanding. Maintaining school attendance, employment, social activities and friendships can be hard and that can have an impact on carers’ own physical, emotional and financial wellbeing.

Commitments to carers included within the strategy include:

  1. Identification: Carers will heard, respected, and valued. Services recognise carers, treating them as equal partners, valuing their involvement, and respecting their choices.
  2. Recognition: To recognise that carers are experts that need to influence, shape and be involved in the decisions that are intended to improve their support and wellbeing
  3. Information and Advice: Carers will be able to access to tailored information and advice which gives clarity as to finances, support, rights, and employment rights.
  4. Rights: Carers will know their rights and have access to advocacy supporting confident communication of their needs and exercising their rights. Where carers have difficulties, advocacy will readily available to support.
  5. Connection: Carers want to have a connection with others with similar experiences as this often reduces the stress of caring and can also help them to learn about the system and support. Carers felt that talking to others with similar experiences giving a feeling of being understood which reduces loneliness.
  6. Independence & Wellbeing  Carers will have improved wellbeing and the opportunity to have a life of their own. The support available to carers enables them to improve their wellbeing; promoting opportunities for carers to have a life outside of caring

These commitments have been produced with carers themselves and the many voluntary and community sector organisations that support them.

Doncasters All Age Carers Strategy 2022- 2025
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