Carers - Family, neighbours and friends who care, unpaid

Do you provide support to someone who might otherwise not manage their everyday lives? You probably don’t see yourself as a carer, but we are keen to support you in your role and learn more about your experiences as a carer. There is a lot of support available that can help you to manage being a carer this is through our Carers Reach Out Service from Making Space. If you would like to talk to someone or more information please call 01302 986900.


Anyone can become a carer, carers can be of any age, from any background. Many carers do not consider themselves to be a carer as they feel its ‘what they do’ e.g. looking after one or both parents, their child who has additional needs (who may now be an adult), best friend or neighbour.

Examples of caring can be made up of a single or combination of the following;

  • Emotional support like listening and talking
  • Household chores like cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing or shopping
  • Medical care such as helping with medicine dosages or delivery
  • Personal care like feeding, getting to the toilet, washing and dressing
  • Physical care ensuring the person can move around their home

Family Carer Support 

Doncaster Carers Reach Out Service - delivered by ‘Making Space’ who support adult carers of adults  Making Space can support people in a caring role, helping to enable carers to be connected in their community and give balance to aid people in their caring roles. - call 01302 986900 email- Making space have recently launched their 'Carer Cards' which can be useful to identify unpaid carers who are supporting a loved one and carrying out essential tasks/duties, get in touch with them to find out more.

Doncaster Parent Voice - is a group of parents and carers of disabled children who work with local authority, education, health and other providers to make sure the services they plan and deliver meet the needs of disabled children and families.  Accessible to parents or carers of a child/ren with any type of additional need or disability are welcome to join.  Joining does not mean you have to commit lots of time, you can join and receive information only, and then decide if you want to get more involved at your own pace- call  01302 637566

Working Carers- 1 in 9 working people are carers. Doncaster Council is proud to be working with Employers for Carers to help support working carers and businesses in Doncaster keep hold of the carers in their workforces. Through the Council’s partnership with Employers for Carers, local businesses are now able to access practical resources, advice and information online to help support carers in their workplaces. The site includes case studies, legislation and model policies, good practice guides and toolkits and e-Learning and would be a particularly useful resource for anyone in an organisation who manages people and/or with HR and wellbeing responsibilities.

In Doncaster alone, there are over 33,000 carers, and this number is set to rise significantly. Within this figure there are well in excess of 15,000 working carers in Doncaster. With an ageing population and people living longer with ill health and disability, Carers UK research shows that nationally the number of carers is expected to rise by 50% and reach 9 million by 2037.

Many employees are juggling work with looking after someone who is older, ill or disabled and without the right support, 1 in 6 carers are forced to either give up work completely to care for others. There is evidence to show that the impact of staff turnover, absence and stress as a result of juggling work and caring could be costing UK businesses over £3.5 billion every year, so there are significant savings to be made by better supporting carers to manage work alongside caring.

Doncaster businesses and working carers can access practical resources, advice and information at and enter our unique access code #EFC1849 to register.

As part of the Council’s partnership with Employers for Carers, Doncaster carers are also able to access an online platform which has information and support on health and wellbeing, carers rights and working and caring, and access to Jointly (Carers UK’s care co-ordination app). This site can be accessed here: using our unique access code: DGTL1849.

Social Care Institute for Excellence - This video-based resource is designed to help people look after someone safely at home. It will help you care for people in any situation, although this resource may be particularly useful if you are supporting someone during the COVID-19 crisis. Each section has a set of videos designed to give you and the person you care for practical and relevant information to support you day to day. 

Carers Needs Assessments

All carers should be offered a Carers Needs Assessment,it should identify any help needed to maintain your own wellbeing as a carer. When you are offered an assessment it is ok to say ‘no thanks’. It is also ok to change your mind later if it is offered again or you could ask for one in the future by making contact with the number below.

A Carers Needs Assessment can be completed with you in your own right even if the person you care for is not in receipt of care an support through Adult Social Care. Or you can have a joint assessment as a carer with the person you care for if they are known. However you choose to have your Carers Needs Assessment it will focus you and your needs.    

An assessment gives you the opportunity to find out about help available and to help make plans for the future. It will help you to get any support you need to stay in work or education or to let you also look after any children you may have.

What will happen at the assessment?

Like so many things it does involve some ‘form filling’. You can do most of this for yourself (using the form below the questions) if you want or you can wait for a professional to come and fill it in with you. However you choose to do it there will be a professional there to help you work out what, if anything, is needed. They will help you to find out what is available in your community.

Will there be any charge?

There is no charge for a Carers Assessment.

What happens after the assessment?

After the assessment, you will be encouraged to develop an action plan with your assessment worker to help you meet your outcomes e.g. making use of necessary facilities or services in the local community, including recreational facilities.

How to arrange a carers needs assessment?

Please contact Doncaster Adult Social Services and Wellbeing Team us on 01302 737391 between 8.30 am – 5 pm Monday – Friday. The person who takes your call will make contact with the locality team in your area, this team will make contact with you to arrange a time with you complete your Carers Needs Assessment.

Download and complete the assessment form using the link below prior to your assessment to give you an idea as to the format of the questions

Carers Assessment Form
Download (1.17MB)

Doncaster Carers' Charter

Informal carers are vital to those they care for, and we recognise the need to ensure that carers know they are carers and can find the right support and guidance when they really need it. Key partners in Health and Social Care in Doncaster have signed our 'Carers' Charter' which is our commitment to supporting carers in our town. 

Carers Charter
Download (10.4MB - PDF)
Carers Commitment
Download (12.5MB - PDF)

Doncaster Carers Strategy 2015 – 2020

Doncaster Council is coordinating a partnership of local groups and organisations to implement our local carers strategy.

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