Breaks for carers

Having a break is likely to help you cope with caring and give you time to recharge your batteries.

You may want a break so that you can follow your own interests or catch up with family or friends. You may want to plan a longer break to allow you to go on holiday. The person you care for may benefit from a break too, for example, by getting out of the house, meeting people or taking part in interesting activities.

A carer's assessment will identify your eligibility and assessed needs.

Respite for the person you care for

Respite can take various forms to meet different needs and preferences. This can be in the form of:

  • Residential care to enable you to go away on holiday or have a long rest
  • Care at a day centre, day care resource or a care home to give you a break for a day or more a week
  • Care by a trained person for a few hours in your home to give you a short break
  • Additional help for the person you care for

Useful Links

Shared Lives is about individuals, couples, and families offering care and support to an individual in the family home. Shared lives is available through day opportunities, short breaks or respite and long-term support.

Your Life Doncaster is a website for adults in Doncaster who need support to live independently, with advice groups, social outings and events for carers.

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