What is this for?

To apply for planning permission.

What is it going to cost?

This depends on the type of planning application and what work this will involve. In most cases, there will be a fee.

Visit 'how do I apply for planning permission?' at the bottom of this page for links to information about planning fees.

What we need from you

Let's avoid any un-necessary delays and get your application right first time so we can start to consider it as quickly as possible. 

You'll need to provide a number of documents and statements. We have created useful documents to help you understand what is required from you before submitting an application. Please visit 'How do I apply for planning permission' webpage to find the information requirements and validation checklist and a helpful Householder guidance document.  



What you should expect from us

Once we have received your application, we will validate it as quickly as we can.

If we need more information, or have any queries, we will contact you directly.

Please note: we will not be able to process your application unless the mandatory supporting documentation has been provided.

More information

Privacy Notice 
The Council is committed to meeting its data protection obligations and handling your information securely. You should make sure you read and understand the Planning Services privacy notice, which sets out what you need to know about how Doncaster Council will use your information in the course of our work as a Local Planning Authority.

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Last updated: 23 September 2021 11:54:00