Pre-application advice

We encourage applicants and agents to obtain pre-application advice before submitting a formal planning application.

You can apply for our pre-application service using our online form.

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By using this service, we can check whether you require planning permission and if you do, that you are on the right lines before you apply. By doing this you could save time and money and improve your chances of having your proposal approved.

We welcome the opportunity to provide pre-application advice for all types of proposals.


Level 1-Listed Building and Trees Pre-Application Service
Download (1.01MB)
Level 2 - Householder Pre-app 2017
Download (261KB)
Level 3 - Minor Pre-application Service
Download (257KB)
Level 4 - Major Pre-application Service
Download (259KB)

Please Note: Pre-Application charges have increased from the 1st April 2017.

Pre Application Advice Fee Sheet - April 2017
Download (233KB)
Pre App Form 2016
Download (222KB)

Householder developments

If you are thinking of undertaking an alteration or extension to your property you may require planning permission, for further information please see document below:

Level 2 - Householder Pre-Application Service
Download (261KB)


Last updated: 13 November 2017 14:23:26