Blue bins

All the information you will need about your blue recycling bin.


I still haven't received my blue bin

If for some reason you haven't received your blue bin, please phone us on 01302 736000.


When is my collection?

You can check when your collection day is due using our interactive collection calendar below, or using the paper calendar that will have been put through your door. 

There has been some confusion over some of the wording on the paper calendar that has been sent out to all households. In the section about what you can put in your green box, there is a reference to putting items in the blue bin. This is not a mistake - it refers to lids. For any glass item, please remove the lids and throw the lids in your blue bin. You can then put your glass item in your green box. 

Report a missed collection

To report that your bin has not been collected on your scheduled collection day, please see our missed bin collection form.

What can I recycle in my blue bin?

You can put the items below in your blue bin.

Note that you do not need to bag up the recycling separately, simply place them straight into the bin.

  • Paper (including shredded paper) but not wrapping paper or gift bags
  • Cardboard (large pieces should be broken up so they fit in)
  • Tins
  • Cans
  • Foil
  • Empty aerosols
  • Plastic bottles and bottle lids. Please take the bottle lids off before putting them in your blue bin.
  • Lids from glass bottles and jars.
  • Liquid food cartons (Tetra Pak)

Glass bottles and jars will continue to be collected from your green box.

Small electrical items (such as toasters or kettles) and textiles (such as clothes, shoes, towels and bed sheets) can be put in a plastic bag next to your blue bin or green box. 

Other questions you may have

Why are these changes being made?

In 2016 the Council consulted residents about the future of recycling and waste collection services and asked how we could help you to recycle more.

The results of this consultation showed that having a larger container for your recycling would help, so the Council used this to inform their new waste and recycling contract, which was awarded to SUEZ in 2017.

As part of this new service, other changes have been made to reduce costs and improve efficiency, for example collections will no longer be made on a Monday, which means you will no longer see any changes to collection days after bank holidays apart from at Christmas.

What happens to my green box from March 2018?

From March 2018, please use your green box for glass bottles and jars only.

I can't accommodate another wheeled bin what do I do?

We are asking everyone to give their new blue bin a try. Feedback from Councils who have introduced recycling bins elsewhere has suggested that once people use their new bin, they often prefer them to the previous service.

If the Council are saving money through these changes, will I receive a reduction in my council tax?

The savings made from these changes will be used by the Council to protect and invest in other essential services.

Why can I not put plastic pots, tubs and trays in my blue bin?

Unfortunately, low grade plastics like plastic food trays, yoghurt pots and plastic bags are difficult to separate and send for recycling. These items should go in your black bin where they will be used to create ‘refuse derived fuel’ – a replacement to fossil fuel that will be used to generate electricity.

I live in a flat, how do these changes affect me?

If you use recycling bins already, from 5th March 2018 you will be able to put most recyclables in one and your glass in another. These will be labelled and information sent to you before the new service starts.

I have help with my collections, will I also get help with my blue bin?

If the collection crews currently collect your bins and box from your property because you are unable to bring them to your collection point, we will deliver your blue bin to the same place and will automatically collect it from this point when the new services begin. We will write to every household who is registered for help before their blue bin is delivered, so they are aware of its arrival.

Why do I need to put glass in my green box when everything else goes in my blue bin?

Your recyclables will be collected and tipped a number of times during the journey from your home to the recycling facility, and at each stage there is a high risk of glass being broken. The shards of glass would mix with your other recyclables and make it harder for them to be recycled. By collecting glass separately we are making sure that as much of your recycling as possible is turned into something new.

I use sacks or a small black bin for my waste which has been agreed with the Council, will I get a blue bin?

If you use a small black bin, you will also receive a similar size blue bin. If you use sacks for your refuse we will contact you about separate arrangements for your recycling before the new service starts.

Where is my blue bin collected from?

Some households present their collection containers in different locations. If you are unsure where to put your blue bin out, our advice is, present it at the same place where you present your black or green bin, unless you've been told otherwise by us by letter.

My bin is damaged - what do I do?

Please visit our ordering a new or replacement bin page for information on reporting a damaged blue bin.

Have more questions or need help understanding the new service?

If you've read all the information above and still need help, you can contact our customer services team by phoning 01302 736 000

Last updated: 28 August 2018 08:11:29