Information for external organisations contacting HR

External organisations may need to contact Human Resources on behalf of current and former employees. HR maintains personal records for current employees during their employment and 6 years after the employee leaves (unless legislation stipulates longer i.e. file contains an allegation involving a vulnerable adult or child). 

Records outside of our retention period are no longer available in line with Data Protection.

Employment Reference Request

If you are seeking a reference request on behalf of a current or former employee . Your candidate should provide you with a named officer or department within the Council to correspond with directly. HR are not able to provide character references.

For those request where there is no suitable officer within Doncaster Council to respond HR can confirm employment dates and job role only (limited reference) and signed authority from the former employee. 

Please note: References for former employees will be limited by the retention period detailed at the top of this page.

For employees leaving prior to June 2019

For employees who were employed byDoncaster Chilldrens Services Trust (DCST) 

For employees who left after June 2019

Solicitor Requests

For requests relating to personal records in pursuit of any legal process you will need to make a request through the information governance team at 

Pension Organisation Requests

Pension organisations such as Teachers Pensions and South Yorkshire Pensions enquires should be directed to our payroll service centre pensions team.

Contact Details  

01709 334141


Agencies looking to supply to Doncaster Council  must be signed to our MSP for interim and agency workers. Details of our current  Managed Service Provider can be found in the contract register by viewing our transparency information.

Local Transparency

Social Care Organisations - Access to E-learning

If you are a social care organisation that requires access to our social care training you should contact the Adults workforce team 

Advertising Vacancies with Doncaster

There are two ways we can support a request for an advert they are:

Internal to City of Doncaster Council (CDC) Staff only

  • A link to an existing website provided by customer on our internal website
  • Seen by CDC staff approximately 4000
  • Free on request by email to

External website (

  • Limited to Schools, Local Authorities and Parish Councils, unless agreed with Head of HR
  • Charge per advert (2024) £157 + VAT
  • If you qualify to place an advert (see above) and accept the charge please email details to


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