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Find details about cycle training, access to bikes, the borough cycle map, cycle groups, cycling to work initiatives and the borough's cycling strategy.

Doncaster Cycle Network

Interactive cycle map (Borough wide)

Interactive Cycle Map

  • Every route shown on the map has been cycled and evaluated and many of the advisory routes marked have been suggested by local cyclists.
  • The map also highlights places of interest that cyclists may wish to visit as well as all important refreshment stops.
  • Copies of the cycle map are also available to download below or pick up one free of charge from the Tourist Information Centre on the High Street, the Central Library or the Civic Office or by contacting the Transportation Unit.
doncaster cycle map
Download (3.3MB)

Local Routes

Please find below more enticing and exciting rides to take around the Borough of Doncaster.

Now open: Bennetthorpe Cycle Track

The Bennetthorpe cycle track is now open, allowing cyclists to travel more safely and easily to and from the Racecourse Roundabout and the town centre. The new 1km route was financed through the Sheffield City Region’s Transforming Cities Fund, and will be a welcome addition to Doncaster’s cycling network.  There have been a number of pedestrian improvements to the area too, including installation of a new zebra crossing, installation of a new toucan crossing and the installation of raised tables across Roman Road to reduce the speed of vehicles.

Dame Sarah Storey, Active Travel Commissioner, Sheffield City Region commented: "The opening of this ground-breaking scheme in Bennetthorpe, Doncaster marks a key moment for the region and I am full of praise for the team at Doncaster Council who have implemented this during the COVID-19 lockdown. I am delighted, and was envisaging coming over for the grand opening, but it seems fitting that the local people should open this themselves! This route surpasses anything else in the region and marks the high standards that are needed to make it accessible for all those who want to travel actively.

The width of the active travel lane and separate provision for pedestrians is exactly the sort of provision that is needed to make active journeys more pleasant and attractive to those who are new to travelling by bike. There is already a significant increase in walking and cycling journeys in the area of this new scheme and at all times of the day which is great to see. Safe segregated infrastructure is the best way to help people feel safe when choosing to make a journey by bike and this is exactly what this route in Doncaster will enable."

Cycle training

Do you want to learn how to ride a bike, or improve your skills to cycle safely on the road? Are you looking for guidance on the best routes to get to work or maybe you’re looking to change the way your family travels to school?

You can do all this and more with our friendly cycling training sessions!

Pedal Ready host adult and family cycle training from Woodfield Park and Sandall Park. The training is aimed at everyone, from complete beginners, to experienced cyclists who want to refresh their skills. All training is completely free.

To book onto a training course contact Pedal Ready  or alternatively call 07772 374 759 to secure a place.

Access to bikes

Need a bike? Are you considering cycling as a means of travel to work or simply looking to be a little more healthier. Doncaster has the following cycle hub where it is possible to hire or loan a bike.


Doncaster Culture & Leisure Trust loan bikes to anyone to be used at the cycle track located at the rear of Doncaster Dome. All abilities are welcome from beginners looking for a safe traffic free environment to confident cyclists practicing for an event. There is also a fleet of adapted cycles to accommodate the needs of all participants.

There is a range of cycling sessions that the hub offers so please visit their website to check out all of DCLT’s cycling offers.

Track bookings can be made by calling 01302 370777.

Workplace support

Cycle Maintenance and Bike Repairs

Does your business or workplace encourage you to cycle to work? Doncaster Council can assist companies who want to help their employee’s cycle to work.

Free cycle services and repairs can take place at your business, simply book a Dr Bike session through the council’s CYTECH trained cycle mechanic “Bicycle Buddy”. Dr Bike sessions can take place at any organisation across Doncaster and is contactable by emailing or by contacting 07585 904818. The service is open to both public sector organisations and private. 

Cycle Parking

If your organisation does not have adequate cycle parking facilities then Doncaster Council can assist by providing toast racks so that employees have a safe space to lock their bikes to while at work.

If you need help attaining cycle parking please contact for advice and support.

Cycle to Work Scheme

The Cycle to Work scheme allows employees to access bikes and cycling accessories such as helmets and lights at a reduced price. In essence an employer purchases your bike and you hire the cycle from them via a salary sacrifice. At the end of the ‘hire’ period, you are usually offered the option to buy the bike from your employer.

Sustrans have produced a handy guide that explains the cycle to work scheme in more detail.

Active travel in schools

The Active Travel Officer delivers a series of programmes to increase cycling and create a supportive environment within participating schools.

The officer will:

  • Work with the school management team to gain their full support for the programme 
  • Promote the benefits of cycling to children, parents and teachers 
  • Address parental and school concerns about the safety of children getting around by bike, with the help of the local authority and other partners 
  • Organise practical activities that help give participants the confidence to walk and cycle more, including group led bike rides, cycle training and bike maintenance 
  • Provide training opportunities for teachers and parents, enabling them to start leading activities themselves 
  • Organise local events, generating positive publicity and motivating children, parents, staff and community members to join in 
  • arrange UK-wide mass-participation events, such as the Big Pedal 

If this is something that your school is interested in then please contact:           

Bikeability in School

The Bikeability scheme is ‘cycling proficiency’ for the 21st century, designed to give the next generation the skills and confidence to ride their bikes on today’s roads.

Helping cyclists develop observation and manoeuvrability skills, it introduces the Highway Code for Young Road Users, teaches the importance of cycle maintenance and hazard awareness and provides information and advice on being conspicuous and wearing protective headgear.

For more information or to book Bikeability training in your school email: 

School Streets

School Streets are short temporary road closures outside a school gate at the start and end of the school day, with stewards looking after the closure points. The street then becomes a walking, cycling and scooting zone.

Great reasons to do Schools Streets

  • Removing cars creates space for walking, scooting and cycling – encouraging active travel to school
  • Vastly improved air quality outside the school gate
  • Brings the whole school community together in an informal way, enables school staff to improve relationships with parents and children
  • A more relaxed and enjoyable start and end to the school day for everyone
  • Increased safety for everyone

If you are a parent, teacher or community member that would like to discuss school streets in your area contact us by emailing or telephoning 01302 734578.

Cycling strategy

Doncaster’s ambition is to be a cycling town where residents choose to cycle because it is a healthy, safe and attractive method of transport. Doncaster has invested heavily in cycle infrastructure over recent years and continues to provide better cycle facilities for the residents of the borough.

In 2019, Sustrans were assigned to independently review what was needed to increase the number of people cycling across the borough. They consulted with residents, councillors, interested stakeholders and local cycle groups to gain knowledge of the area and developed four key themes to get more people onto bikes. These were;

  • Infrastructure
  • Behaviour Change
  • Legacy and Events
  • Creating high level and public support

Doncaster’s cycling strategy can be seen below:

Download (533KB - PDF)

Get Doncaster Cycling Reports

Get Doncaster Cycling Report 2017
Download (2.29MB - PDF)
Get Doncaster Cycling Report 2018
Download (2.79MB - PDF)

Cycling clubs/groups

There are numerous clubs/groups within the borough that offer cycling opportunities on a regular basis throughout Doncaster. For more information on these great opportunities, please follow the links below:


The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed how many of us work, socialise, travel, and stay active in recent months. With public transport operating to a much reduced capacity and many of us choosing to travel in other ways, the UK Government has announced a £2 Billion package to support local areas to help people walk and cycle.

To help us all stay safe and carry on social distancing, Doncaster Council is working hard to support us all to feel more confident that we can travel safely by bike and on foot. We will be updating this page when new pieces of temporary infrastructure are added to the cycle network, and when we have details of further cycle support during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any suggestions as to where you feel an emergency cycle lane is needed or an area needs more space so people can socially distance, then please add your comments into the Sheffield City Region Active Travel Map. We receive regular updates when new comments are made and this will help us to assess areas that need the work most.

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