A brief overview of how decisions are taken under the Mayoral Model.

An elected Mayor

In May 2002, a new system of leadership began in Doncaster Council after the people of Doncaster voted for an Elected Mayor. 

How the mayoral system works

Mayor Ros Jones was elected in June 2013 with subsequent re-elections in 2017 and 2021 and has a range of Manifesto pledges to implement whilst she is in office. 

Mayor Ros Jones

The Mayor's role

The Mayor leads the council as a whole and has overall responsibility for the delivery of council services and is directly accountable to local people.

To help her, the Mayor chooses some members of the council, who are called her ‘Cabinet’.

They have areas of responsibility called a ‘portfolio’ which cover all council services.

The Cabinet's role

Cabinet members make proposals and take decisions on council services on their own, or as a group.

The Cabinet also make recommendations to the council for the council’s budget and main policies.

Once they have been agreed by the council, the Cabinet implement them.

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