Coronavirus advice for Local Voluntary, Community, Charities and Faith Sector Groups

This page provides guidance for the VCF sector on the funding opportunities.

In an unprecedented time for all our communities, Mayor Ros Jones has established a series of interventions to support the great work our local voluntary, community, charities and faith sectors are undertaking on the ground to keep vulnerable people safe and well from Covid-19.

Covid-19 has already impacted acutely on many people’s lives, and we expect its effects to be felt for months to come. For vulnerable people facing a particularly challenging time and in need of additional support to maintain their mental and physical wellbeing, our local voluntary, community, charities and faith sector groups are a critical part of the response.

It is comforting to know that in such uncertain times a series of actions are already being delivered by local sector leaders and partners who have come together to support local community action in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This Inclusive approach demonstrates our collective effort in tackling and preventing further deterioration. Community organisations have an ability to genuinely operate and support communities by providing creative solutions that sometimes public organisations are unable to do so, thus becoming catalysts for change leading to genuine place-based working.

It is therefore in these unprecedented times I wish to announce the following funding support interventions to ensure our critical local sector organisations have the tools and support to continue the momentum of fighting back.

Doncaster Covid-19 Fighting Back Fund:

The initial allocation for this fund is now fully committed. Please check back here for future updates. If you have applied for this fund already you will be contacted by Friday 8th May.

Doncaster Community Fund – Elected Members Ward Budget (Grants up to £3k available): 

This funding sits alongside the wider Covid-19 Doncaster Fighting Back Fund and seeks to provide financial support for smaller groups, who may not be eligible for other funding streams, to make a positive impact in their community. Each Elected Member has an allocation of £3k and will be working closely with local groups to ensure resources are targeted at those most vulnerable in our communities in a safe and responsible way. Key areas include tackling social isolation, supporting statutory services to enable them to focus on and deliver essential services and creative ideas around the five ways to well-being to keep people (or get) people connected. Further information is available from your local elected members.

Bespoke funding searches and the latest external funding news:

The Policy & Insight Team throughout this period will continue to issue regular external funding bulletins detailing the latest external funding opportunities, in addition, the team have the facility to undertake bespoke external grant searches, if you would like to receive this information please do not hesitate to contact

Doncaster Movement (crowdfunding platform)

If you are interested in an alternative way of financing your project, the Council in collaboration with SpaceHive currently run a crowdfunding platform, the platform is easy to use and contains support from SpaceHive to ensure the pitch reaches its target audience.


Other sources of information and support for VCF

In addition to the above, a number of Regional and National organisations have taken the unprecedented step of launching UK wide disaster relief funds in response to the coronavirus, our regular external funding newsletter will signpost you to the details of these and the specific details of eligibility, in addition, we have dedicated external funding staff that can advise you on eligibility rules and procedure.

Last updated: 01 May 2020 10:12:49