Schools leasing

A leasing arrangement is a contract, extending beyond the period of one financial year, purely for the finance of an asset.

The asset cannot, by whatever means, become the property of the School (the Lessee). The instalment payments made under these arrangements are known as Rental Payments.

What to do about leasing

Advice about leasing must be sought from the council's appointed lease advisor, Unilink Finance.

The information sheet below gives you contact details for Unilink and explains how they can help you to make informed decisions about leasing.

What to do about Leasing
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Unilink were appointed following a formal tender, therefore when a school follows Unilink's advice, the school is complying with Doncaster Schools Financial Regulations, which call for schools to obtain the approval of the Head of Financial Services before entering into any leasing arrangement.

Contact Unilink:

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