Police and Crime Commissioner elections October 2014

Results of the Police and Crime Commissioner elections

The results of the Police and Crime Commissioner Elections which took place on Thursday 30th October 2014 are shown below. The results are also available from the Police Area Returning Officer 

Doncaster Turnout = 15.24% 
Total Turnout (South Yorkshire) = 14.88%

Candidate's Surname Other Name(s) Electoral Area Party Doncaster First Choice
Doncaster Second Choice Votes  Doncaster Total 
Total Regional Votes
ALLEN David Doncaster English Democrats - "Putting England First!"  2314 n/a  2314 8583 (5.8%) 
BILLINGS Alan Sheffield Labour Party Candidate  15,310 n/a  15,310  74,060 (50.2%)
CLARKSON Jack Sheffield UK Independence Party (UKIP)  11,380 n/a  11,380 46,883 (31.66%)
WALKER Ian Sheffield The Conservative Party Candidate 4730  n/a  4730 18,536 (12.52%)

Doncaster rejected votes = 372               Regional rejected votes = 2,299

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