The Civic Mayor for Doncaster (2023/24) is Councillor Duncan Anderson, Labour Member for the Hatfield Ward.

Councillor Anderson was selected by his peers to serve as Civic Mayor for 2023/24.  Further details to follow.

The Civic Mayor’s Charity

Each year the Civic Mayor selects a charity to support during their year in office.  

The Civic Mayor’s Role

The Civic Mayor's role:

  • the Civic Mayor holds a ceremonial role and is elected by Full Council each year
  • the Civic Mayor chairs all Full Council meetings which take place throughout the year

Request for attendance at events:

To request the attendance of the Civic mayor at events, please complete the eform:

  • invitations for the Civic Mayor may be made by contacting the Civic Office or by completing the eform
  • protocol at events will be discussed when confirming attendance
  • at least ten working days should be given prior to an event

 Contact Details

For further information, please contact us: 

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