Payments to suppliers

The council has a duty to publish details of payments to suppliers over £500. We also have a duty to publish spending on corporate credit cards, charge cards and procurement cards.

Spending over £250

Doncaster Council has published details of spending over £250 since September, 2012.

Procurement Cards

Quarterly reports are published which present all transactions on corporate credit cards, charge cards and procurement cards from April 2014.

 The information includes:

  • transaction date
  • Local Authority Department which incurred the expenditure
  • amount in sterling
  • beneficiary
  • summary of the purpose of the expenditure
  • merchant category

Information should be available 30 days after the period it relates to.

Reports for individual financial years for spend over £250 and procurement cards are available on the following pages.


Supplier payment performance

Under Regulation 113 of the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, authorities are required to publish annual performance data on the proportion of valid and undisputed invoices paid within 30 days.

The Council's performance is published below. 

Financial year


Proportion of valid & undisputed

invoices paid within 30 days in

accordance with regulation 113

The amount of interest paid to

suppliers due to a breach of the

requirement in regulation 113

Potential liability for interest due to a breach of the requirement in regulation 113















£0.00 £65,962.50



£0.00 £72,319.74



£255.70 £97,364.55



Sensitive information

In some cases, information regarded as commercially sensitive, or which relates to individuals, has been redacted. This means that for reasons of privacy and to comply with GDPR, payments to individuals which may be deemed to be sensitive or confidential including adult carers, foster carers etc are still listed but the supplier name has been replaced with 'redacted personal data'.

Please note: The Transparency Code of Practice recommends that we include details of non-recoverable VAT on the reports, but we are unable to extract this information on the current report specification. Rather than further delay the publication of the reports, they have been approved for release without this information at the present time.

Terms and conditions

You may use and re-use the information featured on these local transparency pages (not including logos) free of charge in any format or medium, under the terms of the Open Government License v3.0.


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