Doncaster Council is committed to ensuring high-quality, citizen focused services for the increasingly rich and diverse communities that make up our borough and our aim is to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives, visits or works in Doncaster. To achieve this we are aware of the importance to base our services around the needs of our communities. Engaging with communities and local businesses is a key enabler for Doncaster Growing Together(DGT) and sits at the heart of everything we do.

The Community Engagement Framework is made up of our policy, our strategy and our toolkit, which will ensure we bring consistency to engagement activities across the Council and where appropriate our partners.

Community Engagement Policy

The Community Engagement policy sets out our policy commitments;

  • We will Listen and Understand
  • Doncaster people will inform our policy and we will keep people informed
  • We will be inclusive and act with purpose

We will make the most of what already exists in communities and where possible increase community capacity

Community Engagement Policy
Download (78KB - PDF)

Community Engagement Strategy

The strategy sets out how we will deliver our commitments we set out in our Community Engagement Policy through actions clustered around six areas of focus;

  • Active Citizen Voice
  • Supporting Volunteering
  • Supporting the Voluntary, Community and Faith(VCF) Sector
  • Opportunities for Training & Development
  • Embedding Social Value in what we do
  • Bringing people together to use our Community Asset
Community Engagement Strategy 2018-2021
Download (489KB - PDF)

Community Engagement Toolkit

The Toolkit forms the final part of the Community Engagement Framework. It has been developed to support the process by which the Council, community organisations and individuals build ongoing, permanent relationships for the purpose of benefiting the community.

Community Engagement Toolkit
Download (325KB - DOCX)
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