Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Framework

Anti-Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, Prosecutions Policy and Strategy

Fraud, bribery, corruption or other dishonesty adversely affect the council’s reputation and put at risk its ability to achieve its policies and objectives by diverting the council’s limited resources from the provision of services to the people of Doncaster. 

Doncaster Council will not tolerate fraud, bribery or corruption in any area of council activity.

The policy / framework attached below, contains details of the council's commitment to an anti-fraud and corruption culture and outline the response that will be used to detect, investigate and prevent such occurrences and its policy statement on the prosecution of offenders.

Anti-fraud and Corruption Framework:

Anti Fraud Bribery and Corruption Framework Visual View
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Anti-Fraud, Bribery and Corruption Framework V3 July 2015
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The above documents remain current and valid but are timetabled for review in 2020 due to changes in best practice guidance.  Revised versions of these policies will be published in July / August 2020 after approval at Audit Committee.

Last updated: 01 June 2020 14:44:03