School's Declarations of Interest guidance

Declaration of Interests for schools

The Fair Funding Scheme for Financing Schools requires all schools to keep a register of any business or personal interest of Governors and Staff employed at the school which should include their immediate families where appropriate. This requirement applies to all authority maintained schools and pupil referral units.

The process of declaring personal or business interests is designed to prevent individuals from abusing their positions, protects them in the event of allegations of this nature and allows the school to manage such conflicts appropriately.

The processes ensure that all relevant potential conflicts of interest are transparent through being documented and the appropriate management action also being recorded.

The Process

  • all Governors and staff are now required to complete annually an individual form which is signed and retained at the school
  • a responsible officer will review the interests declared and determine what restrictions/actions, if any, are placed on the individual based on their declaration
  • this information will then be entered into the school’s register of interests
  • the register will then show all personal potential conflicts of interest and the school’s/Governing Body’s response to that conflict
  • forms will be completed annually and the register updated appropriately
  • once completed the register should be kept up to date and open to free inspection by Governors, staff, parents and the Local Authority, subject to any constraints under the Data Protection Act

Declaration of interest forms:

School Staff Declaration of Interests Form and guidance 2018
Download (1.05MB - PDF)
Governors declaration form and guidance-template 2019
Download (312KB - PDF)
Members declaration form and guidance-template 2019 PRU
Download (312KB - PDF)

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