In Year Transfer - Moved into Doncaster (Secondary)

Use this page if you are moving or have recently moved into Doncaster and require a Secondary School place now.

Please note:  You are advised to read the Guidance Notes in the downloads and resources section of the page before making your application.  If you are applying for a church school you must also complete the relevant additional information form from the Download and Resource section of this page.

Guidance on Admissions for Overseas Nationals Entering the UK

Before applying for a school place you should check that you have a right of abode or that the conditions of your immigration status otherwise permit you to access a state-funded school. 

Are you new to Doncaster? 

To Move Schools for The School Year – 2023/24

We have moved to Doncaster and require a School place now

We currently live in Doncaster

For More Information About Moving Schools Use This Link 
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