School Governance Service

The Governance Service provides a comprehensive, professional, administrative and advisory service to support School Governors, Chairs and Headteachers through a selection of packages available.

The main component of the service is the Clerking Service which undertakes the following duties:

  • Governor recruitment

  • compilation and circulation of agendas

  • maintenance of the schedule of meetings

  • provision of a Clerk for at least one Governing Body meeting per term in line with the package purchased

  • production of draft minutes and action sheets from each meeting

  • subscription to the National Governors Association (NGA) and access to Learning Link

  • providing advice and guidance at meetings

  • access to Governor training

For further details of the packages available please contact the Governance Service telephone 01302 737279 or email


General Enquiries:  01302 737111/737193    Fax: 01302 737342

Wendy Heath, Governance Manager : 01302 737279

Gary Price, Business Support Officer : 01302 737193

Susan French, Business Support Officer : 01302 737111

Tracy Johnson, Business Support Officer : 01302 737194

Lacey Anderson, Business Support Officer: 01302 737465

Comments and complaints

Staff in the Governance Service are committed to providing a high quality service.  However, there are times when things may not go as planned and if this happens the Service would like the opportunity to apologise and put things right.

If you ever wish to make a comment or are dissatisfied with the service you receive, please let a member of the Governance Service know. You can contact them by phone, in writing or by e-mail. You will normally receive a full response within ten working days.

In the unlikely event that you find it necessary to complain, the Governance Service will do the following:

  • Send you a letter or e-mail to confirm it has been received, and the Service is dealing with your complaint.

  • Investigate the complaint and put things right where necessary.

  • Settle your complaint and send you a full response within five working days where possible.

  • Tell you how you can have your complaint investigated further if you are not satisfied.

Last updated: 18 May 2022 09:43:54