General Developmental Assessment (GDA) Pathway

The community paediatrics pathway is the route for Doncaster’s children and young people to get assessed for autism, ADHD and non-global developmental delay via a General Developmental Assessment (GDA).

To help professionals work better together to provide children with the support they need. The Special Educational Needs and Disability Code of Practice (2015) recommends that schools support children with additional needs through an 'assess, plan, do and review process'. The process for getting a GDA assessment reflects this and makes sure that your child will get on-going support whilst they wait for an assessment.

Who can refer to the GDA Pathway?

Early years services and schools can refer your child to the GDA Pathway as they will have lots of information on your child. Early years services will be supported by health visitors and schools will be supported by school nurses for the vast majority of children.

What is the process?

The referral process can be found in the document below.

GDA Pathway Referral Process
Download (20KB - PDF)

What do I do if early years and/or schools won't put in a request?

We encourage you to have another conversation with your early years and/ or school setting as they will have lots of information on your child, information that clinicians need to be able to make a good assessment. However if you continue to feel they are not giving you the support you need then you should contact your health visitor or school nurse.

Single Point of Contact for ages 0-19 (health visitors and school nurses): 01302 566776

What to do if your child is not in early years services or school

If your child is not in an early years setting then your health visitor will lead on submitting a request for assessment. If your child is being educated at home then the school nurse will lead on the request.

Single Point of Contact for ages 0-19 (health visitors and school nurses): 01302 566776

Useful Contacts


Doncaster SENDIAS Service provides independent information, guidance and support for young people aged up to 25 and/or parents/carers of children with any level of additional needs or disabilities.

They can offer impartial advice, information and support to you so that you can take an active part in all the decisions that may affect you (as a young person) or your child’s education and disability needs.

Doncaster Parents Voice

Doncaster Parents Voice (DPVoice) is run by parents of children with a variety of additional needs. They exist to support families with disabled children whenever they need them. Parents often make contact when they are at their most vulnerable and have no one to turn to. DPVoice offer support, information, advocacy, advice and peer support for families with similar issues.



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