Educational Psychology Service

We work with children, parents, schools, pre-school providers, other education settings and health and care agencies to apply the principles of the SEN Code of Practice to:

  • help children and young people to improve their learning and to achieve the best they can in life
  • promote the inclusion of all children and young people in the life of their school and in the local community

Our highly skilled professional Educational Psychologists (EPs) use their skills and expertise in applying psychology to help parents and schools to improve learning and inclusion outcomes for children and young people. We work with parents to develop and deliver the best ways to overcome difficulties with learning and inclusion, particularly where young learners are not achieving very well.
We do this by:

  • working in schools and education settings to plan and deliver improved outcomes for young learners by following the principles of the SEN Code of Practice
  • supporting schools to work closely with families in helping their children and young people to improve their learning and life outcomes
  • contributing to statutory Education, Health and Care Plan (EHC) activities for individual children and young people, and providing information, guidance and advice to the local authority 

Professional standards

Before qualifying we have had previous experience of working with children and young people in different ways, for example, as teachers and/or working in an educational or community context. EPs have a degree in psychology, have undergone post graduate training and have either completed or are eligible to apply for doctoral training. All our EPs are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC), providing you with the reassurance that our work is regulated nationally. This means that we are all properly qualified, have access to on-going training and supervision in the best ways to deliver education in order to maintain standards in professional skills, conduct, performance and ethics. The service participates in local authority quality assurance practices and Local Authority Ofsted Inspections.

Services to Schools

All local authority and state-maintained schools in Doncaster (including secondary, primary, special schools and academies, pupil referral units and other funded alternative provision) are able to access the support of the Doncaster Educational Psychology Service. This support is funded via the local authority and is free at the point of delivery (except developmental activities such as training and research), offering the following activities:

  • two termly Business Planning Meetings
  • the delivery of planned support, focused on school priorities for improving outcomes for individually named pupils and improving the systems, processes and practices that can help improve provision overall
  • statutory activities such as assessment / EHC reports and relevant information gathering; attendance at and information gathering for Annual Reviews of Statements/ EHC Reviews/Transfer Reviews

From September 2017 there will be a training offer from the service. The courses available will be listed under the #BuyDoncaster brochure that is emailed to schools and settings.

Independent Schools - access to the service:

  • Please contact the Principal Educational Psychologist to discuss - Dr Kay Tasker-Smith


Further information


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