The Schools Forum has a formal legal standing and must be consulted by the local authority on numerous issues relating to the financial matters of schools/education services:

Schools Forum:

  • is a statutory body with its own constitution - national regulations govern the composition and procedures of the Schools Forum - these regulations are reflected in the constitution
  • has certain powers of approval - full details can be found within the constitution document
  • The Department for Education (DfE) has published a good practise guide for Schools Forums, which covers the regulations, procedures and effectiveness of Schools Forums.  The guide can be accessed on the DfE via the following link: Schools forums operational and good practice guide.  The guide is used as the basis for the constitution document found below.
  • The presentation given as part of the training for new members of the Schools Forum can be found below.
Schools Forum training presentation

Regulations and constitution documents: 

A. Schools Forum (England) Regulations 2012-Updated February 2014
B. Schools Forum Constitution 2023-2025
C. Public and Schools Forum

It is the responsibility of School Forum members to actively canvass views and objectively represent their whole peer group at the Forum.  The Membership list covering 2023-25 can be found below.

Membership List 23-25
Download (24KB - XLSX)


Following legislation from the government in October 2012, Schools Forum meetings are now open to the public:  

  • individuals may attend the meetings as they please, but may only observe the discussions of the Forum
  • questions may only be asked in accordance with the rules contained within the council’s own constitution
  • details of the dates, times and venues of the meetings are published on this webpage annually 
  • at least five days’ notice will be given if any details change or if extra-ordinary meetings are scheduled – updates will be provided on this webpage
  • venues for the meetings will be agreed at each schools forum meeting and commence at 8:30am unless otherwise stated below

Meeting dates

The Schools Forum meetings for 2023/24

  • Thursday 22 June 2023
  • Thursday 21 September 2023
  • Thursday 23 November 2023
  • Thursday 8 February 2024


Please contact the Clerk of the Schools Forum if you plan to attend a meeting of the Schools Forum so that a copy of the agenda and reports can be sent to you, preferably by email:

Agendas, minutes and reports

Documents from the current and previous financial year are available below.  If you wish to view documents from earlier meetings, please contact the Clerk of the Schools Forum using the contact details above.

Meeting - 17 June 2021
Download (7.82MB - PDF)
Meeting - 23 September 2021
Download (8.1MB - PDF)
Meeting - 25 November 2021
Download (9.35MB - PDF)
Meeting - 10 February 2022
Download (7.31MB - PDF)
Agenda 23 June 2022
Download (8.84MB - PDF)
Meeting 3 November 2022
Download (2.41MB - PDF)
Meeting 24 November 2022
Download (9.88MB - PDF)
Meeting 20 March 2023
Download (2.28MB - PDF)
Meeting 21 September 2023
Download (1.75MB - PDF)

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