Learning Standards and Effectiveness

Learning Standards and Effectiveness provides monitoring, challenge, intervention and support to schools through the work of the Learning Standards and Effectiveness Team in both primary and secondary phases of education.


To support all schools in raising the quality of education offered to all our children and young people. The Learning Standards and Effectiveness Team work closely with other teams across the council to help deliver high quality responsive support services to schools and settings.

Our Vision

Our Vision aligns with the Education and Skills 2030 Strategy:

Equitable and inclusive lifelong learning that empowers people to fulfil their potential and thrive in life and work

The council has a commitment to excellence in education and believes that all children and young people are entitled to be educated in successful schools. Our overall aim is to support this entitlement and to ensure that every school regardless of designation or phase should offer all children and young people an excellent education.

Through collaboration, challenge and support, we aim to work in partnership with all schools, academies and other agencies to bring about the best possible education for our children and young people.

Our Priorities:

Priority 1

  • Improve readiness to learn and building strong foundations for learning. This includes working with Early Years settings and foundation Stage units within school and promoting best practice in Early Reading and Phonics.
  • Support Effective learning through high quality Early Years settings and multi-agency working
  • Promote family and community learning to support families and strengthen parental engagement. The Learning Standards and Effectiveness Team work very closely with the Family and Community Learning team to ensure that priority communities and schools are identified for this important strand of work.

Priority 2

  • Establish a broad and balanced curriculum with teaching and learning approaches that develop the whole person
  • Raise levels of achievement at all key stages to ensure all children and young people reach their full potential
  • Nurture and develop an outstanding educational workforce. This has mental health and wellbeing at its heart.

Priority 3

  • Develop Equitable and Inclusive Learning
  • Champion and empower disadvantaged learners
  • Improve outcomes for minority and vulnerable learners
  • Promote and develop lifelong learning in every community

Teaching and Learning

For parental enquiries concerning the quality of the curriculum and teaching and learning in a particular school or academy, please contact the headteacher or principal in the first instance.

If you would like further information about the work of the Learning Standards and Effectiveness Team then please contact us at: esande@doncaster.gov.uk

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