The Civic Mayor Award is an individual award that offers formal recognition and accreditation for a young person’s outstanding contributions and achievements within Doncaster.


In 2017 Doncaster Council set out its priorities within the Children & Young People’s Plan to become the most ‘Child Friendly Borough’ in the Country. To enable us to achieve our goal we must continue to listen, inspire, guide, support and recognise the achievements and contributions of our young people.   

On becoming Deputy Civic Mayor of Doncaster in 2017, Majid Khan decided that the first piece of work he would undertake when he became Civic Mayor was to recognise the contribution that young people of Doncaster make to the borough and wider society. Majid decided that an awards scheme to recognise these contributions would help to develop Civic duty and inspire the people of Doncaster. Majid’s long term vision is that the award scheme will be expanded to other categories. Future New Civic Mayors will support and help to develop these awards.

As stated in our Children and Young People’s Plan, our young people themselves have said they want more to be done to ‘celebrate their successes beyond academic achievement’: they continually make positive contributions in a host of ways that deserve celebrating and the current Civic Mayor of Doncaster, Cllr Linda Curran, would like to acknowledge this by presenting our young people with a prestigious Civic Mayor Award.

Core Values

As with many awards there are core values that all our nominated children and young people must possess:

  • Integrity’ the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles.
  • ‘Honesty’ the quality of being truthful and open.
  • ‘Resilience’ the quality of being able to overcome difficulties.
  • ‘Respect’ the quality of having due regards to the wishes, feeling or rights of others.
  • ‘Commitment’ the quality of being dedicated to a cause or activity.

All nominated young people will be assessed against the core values above and how they have met these, in order to be shortlisted for the prestigious Civic Mayor Award.

The Awards

Make a Difference Community Award

This award is for a young person or a group of young people, that have made a positive contribution and gone that extra mile to make a significant difference within their community.

Make a Difference School Award

This award is for a young person or a group of young people, that have made a positive contribution within their school which has made a significant difference to other young people.

Youth Voice Award

This award is for a young person that has gone above and beyond in raising the profile of youth voice and championing the rights of other young people within Doncaster.

Youth Forum Group Award

This award is for a group solely ran by young people and to recognise their commitment, creativity, sustained effort, leadership, and teamwork.

Outstanding Achievement Award

This award is for the recognition of a young person that has exceeded in a particular field such as sport, music, drama, arts and culture.

Young Person of the Year Award

To recognise a young person that has demonstrated all core values, shown leadership qualities, made the most progress, empowered others and made a significant contribution to making Doncaster become the most Child Friendly Borough in the Country.

Civic Mayor Award Nominations 2020 

Unfortunately, due to the current Coronavirus pandemic and Government guidelines, the Civic Mayor Awards 2020 event has been postponed.

A new date will be announced later in the year and all short listed finalist will be invited to attend. 

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2019 Winners

The winners of the 2019 Civic Mayor Awards were:

Make a Difference Community Award

Primary: Kira Simon
Secondary: Jen Oroszova

Make a Difference School Award

Primary: Copley Junior School Mini Life Coaches 
Secondary: Connor Burleigh

Youth Voice Award 

Alannah White

Youth Forum Group Award

Doncaster Young Carers Council
Doncaster Youth Council
Hall Cross Student Council
Children In Care Council 

Outstanding Achievement Award 

Primary: Madison Grey Shaw
Secondary: Annika Yates

Young Person of the Year Award 

Primary: Joel Robinson
Secondary: Kacey Dart

All winners received a certificate and trophy at the Civic Mayor Awards event which was held at The Mansion House, and all nominees each received a certificate. 

A huge thank you to everyone involved in the event and contributing to making the first ever Civic Mayor Awards so successful.

A special thank you and congratulations goes out to every single young person that was nominated: the work you do is outstanding and truly inspirational, you are an absolute credit to your community, school/college, parents/carers and to all young people across Doncaster! 

To view the 2019 Civic Mayor Awards event please see the short film below. A full version is also available via the following YouTube link:

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