We recognise the positive contributions that children and young people make to their communities and have committed to ensuring there are ways to celebrate your success.

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Doncaster Civic Award

The Civic Mayor Award is an individual award that offers a formal recognition and accreditation for a young person’s outstanding contributions and achievements within Doncaster. There are 6 category awards that children and young people can be nominated for:

  1. Make A Difference Community Award
    This award is for a young person who has made a positive contribution and gone that extra mile to make a significant difference within their community

  2. Make A Difference School Award
    This award is for a young person who has made a positive contribution within their school which has made a significant difference to other young people (Primary and Secondary).

  3. 3) Youth Voice Award
    This award is for a young person that has gone above and beyond in raising the profile of youth voice and championing the rights of other young people within Doncaster

  4. Forum / Youth Groups Award
    This award is for a group solely ran by young people and to recognise their commitment, creativity, sustained effort, leadership, and teamwork of young people and the impact this has.

  5. Outstanding Achievement Award
    This award is for the recognition of a young person that has exceeded in a particular field such as sport, music, drama, arts and culture

  6. Young Person of the Year Award
    To recognise a young person that has demonstrated all core values, shown leadership qualities, made the most progress, empowered others and made a significant contribution to making Doncaster become the most Child Friendly Borough in the Country.

Who can be nominated?

Any child or young person can be nominated from Primary school age up to 19 years, or up to 25 years for young people with a special need or disability. Nominations can be made by anybody other than a family member. For more information, visit the Civic Mayor Award page.

Children's University

You can record each hour you spend on an activity at a Children's University Learning Destination in the Children's University 'Passport to Learning'. Certificates can be awarded up to 1000 hours. The first award starts with the bronze certificate at the Undergraduate level of 30 hours of learning. When you accumulate enough hours to achieve an award, you will be invited to graduate at an annual ceremony. Wearing a 'cap and gown', you will receive your certificate in front of an invited audience of parents and guardians.

Children's University is an opportunity for you to be rewarded for spending time involved in positive activities outside normal school hours. It is an exciting way for you to learn by having fun doing things that you enjoy.

If your school has signed up to Children's University there will be a teacher who will stamp your passport for you. If your school is not signed up you can ask your parents to sign you up for a cost of £10. Find out more about Children's University.

St Leger Homes - Young Person of the Year Award

St Leger Homes of Doncaster really want to celebrate the young people of Doncaster who work hard in their community, making a real difference to the lives of other young people and the community alike. In July 2018 we held our third Tenant Choice Awards and 4 young people were nominated for all of their hard work and success, all who deserved the nomination and all of whom would have been deserving winners. Morgan Tiplady became the overall winner for 2018. 

Find out more about the Young Person of the Year Award.

South Yorkshire Police - Inspiring Youth Awards

Members of South Yorkshire Police have created this unique award scheme for young people, predominantly in Years 9 and 10 at school. The project provides activities and the opportunities to explore and investigate a full range of subjects all of which are designed to make you more informed about your school, your home life and life in yours and other communities around you.

The award scheme has two levels and gives the potential to work with the police for 18 months or more. It is designed to increase your personal development and to become a more active participant in your own environment. You are only competing against yourself and the more effort you put in, the more benefit you will get out of the scheme.

The award scheme can be entered through participating schools, a recognised sponsor organisation or directly by individuals through the project team.  Enrolment is between January and the beginning of March and the submission date for the folder of evidence is the end of October each year.

Find out more about the Inspiring Youth Awards.

Duke of Edinburgh

The Duke of Edinburgh provides a personal development programme at bronze, silver and gold levels for young people between the ages of 14 and 25. There are four main themes - Service, Skills, Physical Recreation and the Expedition with an additional residential project at the gold level.


More information on The Duke of Edinburgh's website.

National Citizen Service

NCS is your chance to develop new skills that will help you get ahead in life. The programme can help you grow in confidence, develop teamwork and leadership skills, you’ll also meet new people and make friends for life.

NCS will look great on your CV; it helps demonstrate your confidence, teamwork and leadership skills which are what employers say they are increasingly looking for. NCS is recognised by UCAS, so if university is your target, this programme will help you deliver a killer personal statement.

Find out more about NCS.


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