Local wildlife and geological sites

Local sites represent a comprehensive suite of the Borough's locally and regionally important wildlife and geological sites. These sites are designated to acknowledge and help conserve their special features, and contribute to the wider ecological network including statutory sites (ie SSSI', SAC's and SPA's).

Local wildlife/geological sites are designated through Doncaster's Local Plan, which sets out the distribution, scale and type of development for the borough. The land allocations and designations made by the plan, which include housing and employment sites, will remain in place for the duration of the plan.

In March 2013 a consultation regarding local sites was targeted to raise awareness of proposed local wildlife/geological site designations on people’s land.

The Biodiversity Map shows the local sites which are identified for designation, based on the approach to site selection and assessment consulted on widely in 2009 (these guidelines can be downloaded below). The Local Site boundaries shown may include amendments awaiting formal approval and may therefore differ from previously published versions.

Local Site Selection Guidelines
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About the Local Sites

Local sites were previously known as Sites of Scientific Interest (SSI’s), and Regionally Important Geological Sites (RIGS). Doncaster's local sites along with other designated sites are shown on the Biodiversity Map. Individual site citations, which summarise their features of interest, and full species lists, are available from Doncaster Local Records Centre.

Local sites contribute significantly to habitat and green infrastructure networks. Their designation helps to address not only biodiversity and geodiversity conservation targets, but also contributes towards enriching quality of life, the preservation of local character, providing broader ecosystem services (flooding and climate change), open space and provision of opportunities for health, education and research.

Please note that local sites are not necessarily accessible to the public and, if in any doubt, the landowner should be identified and permission for access sought.

Designating local sites

Local sites are assessed by Doncaster's local sites partnership - a group of conservation partners - using published guidelines and criteria and are designated by the local planning authority. The designation aims to protect their interests by acknowledging their value and making their conservation a material consideration in planning matters. The designation is specific to planning matters and does not affect the normal day-to-day use and management of the land.

Doncaster's local sites partnership carry out an on-going programme of site review and assessment to make sure that the Council is working with the most up-to date picture of the Boroughs wildlife in the decisions it makes. The partnership also collates management information about sites on behalf of Defra to help monitor the UK's efforts in meeting its international biodiversity obligations. The partnership will also endeavour to provide local conservation land management advice to landowners and support this work wherever possible.

Further information

Further information is available from the Ecologybiodiversity and geodiversity pages.

Planning advice including pre-application enquiries, should be directed to the Ecologist Planner (01302 734924 or 01302 552809) Helen.Markland@doncaster.gov.uk or Martin.Nowacki@doncaster.gov.uk.

General advice regarding local sites, the Doncaster review process, evolving local sites system and partnership, should be directed to the biodiversity officer (01302 862896) Melissa.Massarella@doncaster.gov.uk.

Biological records enquiries should be directed to the local records centre (01302 734891) brc@doncaster.gov.uk

Queries relating to the individual management of Doncaster Council owned local sites should be directed to the appropriate neighbourhood manager (Customer Service line 01302 736000).

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