Doncaster - Town Field conservation area

Doncaster - Town Field was designated a conservation area on 8 April 1991.

The area was appraised in 2011. The appraisal highlights the features that make this area special, as well as including proposals on how to protect the area and its character and appearance in the future. This was reviewed in June 2017. The appraisal and its review are available below:

Doncaster - Town Field - Review
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Doncaster - Town Field Conservation Area Appraisal
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Town Field - Map 1 - Origin and Development
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Town Field - Map 2 - Positive Features
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Town Field - Map 3 - Negative and Neutral Features
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Town Field - Map 4 - Views
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To view the location of the conservation area go to the Heritage Map.

This conservation area contains Town Field itself and the planned suburban expansion of Doncaster's residential area carried out in the early twentieth century along its northern side. The architecture of most of the buildings date from this period.

Buildings are mainly two storied, although along and towards Thorne Road there are three storied development. They are predominantly in red brick with slate or small red clay plain tiles. There are often elaborate forms of buildings with decorative architectural features, such as windows, doors, chimneys, bays, turrets, gables and porches. There are also areas of half timbering, stucco and decorative brickwork. Front boundary walls are generally low brick walls with castellated terracotta decorative copings often backed with hedges or shrubs.

The character of the conservation area derives greatly from the large amount of trees and green spaces. This includes Town Field itself where the land gently slopes and increases on the approach to Thorne Road. The boulevard of trees on Town Moor Avenue is a key feature as well as greenness provided by most front gardens.

Within the conservation area there are no listed structures, there are however significant buildings and features which are covered within the appraisal.

Further Information

Further Information about Conservation Areas can be found at Conservation Areas in Doncaster.

If you have any queries about the conservation area contact:
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