Doncaster Geodiversity Assessment

The Doncaster Geodiversity Assessment was produced and written by the British Geological Survey, on behalf of Doncaster Council.

The Doncaster Geodiversity Assessment contains information on geodiversity, local geology, mineral resources, groundwater resources and geological Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI’s).

The report also contains information on the re-assessment of our RIGS (Regionally Important Geological and Geomorphological Sites) which updates and expands on the South Yorkshire RIGS group survey of geologically Important Sites in Doncaster. In Doncaster RIGS are now known as Local Geological Sites and specific site information is available on request from our Biological Records Centre for a nominal fee.

Doncaster's Geodiversity Assessment Final Report

Doncaster's Geodiversity Assessment Final Report is available to view and download below:

Geodiversity Final Report
Download (818KB)
Doncaster Geodiversity Assessment Volume 2i
Download (4.04MB - PDF)
Doncaster Geodiversity Assessment Volume 2ii
Download (5.09MB - PDF)

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