Doncaster - Christ Church conservation area

Doncaster - Christ Church was designated a conservation area on 20 May 1977.

An appraisal has been undertaken which highlights the features that make this area special, as well as including proposals on how to protect the area and its character in the future. This appraisal was finalised in February 2011. This has now been reviewed and from 30 January to 13 March 2017 went out to public consultation. The review was finalised at the end of June 2017.

The original appraisal and its review can be viewed in the Downloads and Resources section.

To view the location of the conservation area please go to the Heritage Map.

Doncaster - Christ Church conservation area is centred on Christ Church, built 1827-29. At the time this building was commenced it stood on the edge of the town with very few buildings in the vicinity which was mainly fields. This rural setting was to change with the north-eastern expansion of Doncaster in the Victorian period. The open space around Christ Church and the grounds of Hall Cross School provide contrast to the built form elsewhere in the conservation area. This built form however is still relatively low in density especially compared with those developments to the north, and the properties along the eastern side of the conservation area take advantage of views across Town Field that lie adjacent.

The architecture is predominantly Victorian but also ranges from Georgian right up to modern day. Near Christ Church the buildings are typically three storey terraces but, further northeast, they are two storey semis and detached villas. Most buildings were built as residential but those premises nearer the town centre have been converted to commercial use from a fairly early date. Materials are mainly red brick with slate. There is some stucco but this is rare. Later properties tend to have small red plain tiles for their roofs rather than slate. Limestone walls are a reminder of the rural history of the area and some of the properties as well as the church retain their cast iron railings.

Within the conservation area there are four listed structures including the Grade II* Christ Church, which as well as other significant buildings and features are covered within the appraisal.

Further Information

Further Information about Conservation Areas can be found at Conservation Areas in Doncaster.

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