Community Hub for Coronavirus support

Since opening The Community Hub has focused on supporting our most vulnerable residents. It has already helped so many people across Doncaster. It is a central point of support for any issues that have arisen due to the coronavirus.

Contact our Community Hub

Anyone who needs help and has no other support can ring the Helpline. 

Please note the Community Hub is open 7 days a week from 8am - 6pm.

If your enquiry is an emergency that cannot wait until the Community Hub Helpline is open, please telephone the Council’s emergency out of hours on 01302 341628.

HELPLINE: 01302 430300


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Frequently asked questions

What can the Community Hub help with?

  • Money troubles
  • Support caring for children
  • Providing someone to talk to
  • Concerns about neighbours or family members
  • Signpost and support to others who can help including local volunteers

Can I get help more than once?

We will work with you to connect you to other forms of ongoing help such as volunteers to help with shopping but the Hub is there to help throughout this emergency.

Can I attend the Hub in person?

There is no need for anyone to attend the Community Hub – access is available through the Helpline or email.

How do I access the Hub?

Anyone who needs help and has no other support can ring the Helpline or email the Hub. 

You can use this to request support for someone who you feel is vulnerable and has no other help, to enquire on someone’s behalf if they have any queries about their support or to report on any feedback about the support received.

Can anyone contact the Hub if they have a concern?

Yes, if you are worried about someone who is vulnerable in your community and you believe they need support then please contact the Helpline.

 If however you feel that there is a safeguarding concern, risk to life or criminal act then please report this in the usual way. 

What else is available to people?

There are lots of volunteers, local community organisations and other groups helping out in the community. We encourage people to firstly access what is already available – including family, friends, neighbours and local volunteers.

We have also been working with members, voluntary and community sector organisations to collate information about what support is available for people as well as identifying what support those groups may need and to identify what gaps there may be. People are signposted into this support if they need it.

What help is available for community groups and volunteers who are already helping people?

The Community Hub can support groups and volunteers with any urgent needs please contact the Hub on

What people say about the community hub

A 70 year old lady who lives in Kent contacted the call centre to register her 98 year old mother who lives in Intake said that staff couldn't be any more helpful. Her mother has support from her neighbour, but the call put the lady's mind at ease and she was reassured the help is there if needed.

Last updated: 05 August 2020 13:57:37