“Trees are essential to the future of the planet.” - Sir David Attenborough

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In April 2021, Doncaster Mayor Ros Jones announced an ambitious target for Doncaster to plant one million trees across Doncaster over the next ten years - one of a number of initiatives to respond to the climate and biodiversity emergency.

The ultimate aim is to increase tree coverage across the borough from 13% to 17% by planting more trees in urban areas, community spaces, town centres, gateway green areas and woodlands.


In the fight against climate change, we invite everyone to play a part in increasing the tree cover of the borough of Doncaster, and providing the benefits of a greener natural environment for all.

The Council will work with schools, private sector businesses, parish councils, partners, landowners and voluntary organisations, along with the people of Doncaster to increase the number of trees planted and maintained across the borough - every tree counts!

See below on this page for sources of advice and support for tree planting.

Why are Trees important for Doncaster?

Biodiversity benefits

  • Trees provide habitat for wildlife. Veteran trees and those with dead wood and cavities are particularly valuable for bats, birds and invertebrates
  • The borough’s woodlands support a large number of insects, many of which are rare
  • Doncaster's street trees create links between parks and other open spaces, allowing wildlife to travel between sites

Environmental benefits

  • Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it in wood, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • Trees help mitigate the risk of flooding as their leaves intercept rain water and return it to the atmosphere through transpiration and evaporation
  • Trees cool the urban environment and reduce the heat island effect during hot, dry, summer days.  
  • Trees filter gaseous pollutants from the air and trap dust particles which are then washed to the ground by rain

Economic benefits

  • The by-products of trees can be sold to create income or can provide savings on the purchase of timber, wood chip and mulch
  • Employment in woodland management, forestry, timber trade, and conservation contributes to the wider economy
  • Tree-lined streets have been shown to increase residential property values by 5% to 18%
  • Trees indirectly promote the use of retail areas by creating an attractive environment for people to shop

Health and social benefits

  • Trees create a distinctive and beautiful landscape
  • They provide connection to the natural world for those who might otherwise not experience green space
  • Trees create space for relaxation which helps to provide relief from stress and enhance emotional wellbeing
  • Trees offer valuable shade and reduce the risk of skin cancer
  • They have been shown to speed up the recovery times of patients in hospital
  • Trees release scents and colours that can stimulate endorphins


Interested in planting trees, need funding and advice? 


Doncaster Council's trees

  • Doncaster Council owns trees in streets, parks and open spaces, council house neighbourhoods, cemeteries, and leisure centres. These are managed by Doncaster Council's Street Scene Trees and Woodlands Service.

  • Advises on the development of land with trees present - see Protected Trees and Woodlands page for more information.

 Other trees in the Borough are owned by private residents, conservation groups, business, farms, schools and other institutions

 How does Doncaster Council manage it's trees?

The Principle of minimal tree removal

Doncaster Council is committed to maintaining and increasing it's tree stock, so is committed to removing trees only where no reasonable alternative solution can be found and tree removal is unfortunately necessary for public safety reasons.

 More about Doncaster Council Tree Services



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