We are responsible for council owned trees in streets, parks and open spaces, council houses, cemeteries and leisure centres.

We are also responsible for:

  • the planning and maintenance of 59 publicly accessible council owned woodlands within the borough
  • the statutory protection of trees, mostly on privately owned land
  • advising on the development of land with trees present - see Protected Trees and Woodlands page for more information.
  • various types of tree work as specified on the downloadable Tree Policy and Risk management Plan

Climate & Biodiversity Emergency for Doncaster

The tree policy is currently under review to ensure that it reflects Doncaster's current priorities for tree management, environmental conservation and local decision-making processes.

We can help you with any of the following:

  • reporting the need for work on council owned trees - both routine work (e.g. overhanging branches) and dangerous / damaged trees
  • requesting an inspection and / or advice on a Council owned tree whether it is subject to statutory protection or not
  • checking whether trees are subject to statutory protection and if owners have consent to carry out work
  • making an application to carry out work on protected trees
  • requesting the planting of trees on council land
  • requesting general advice on the planting and maintenance of trees
  • requesting the protection of trees
  • submitting a complaint in relation to a high hedge
  • checking whether consent is needed to remove a hedgerow

Having a problem with a tree? 

If you believe the problem is dangerous and could cause an emergency situation,
please ring during office hours (
Monday to Friday 8:30am - 5pm) 01302 736000 or outside of these hours 01302 737199.

Please complete the eform below to report trees that have fallen or that are non-urgent. 

 What is classed as a dangerous tree? 

  • A tree that is in danger of falling over due to disease or damage
  • A tree hit by a vehicle
  • A tree or large branch which has fallen onto a highway, and is causing obstruction
  • A branch that is hanging or likely to fall off

 You can also report the problem by phone on 01302 736000. 

Seen someone damaging a tree?

  • If the damage is happening now please phone 01302 736000
  • If the damage has happened previously please report as non-urgent

What happens next? 

We will inspect and make safe dangerous trees within 24 hours.
Other tree works will be inspected within 12 days and prioritised on a risk basis. High priority trees will be worked on within 13 weeks, medium priority within 28 weeks and low priority within 52 weeks.

Last updated: 25 April 2024 07:22:13

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