This is my Doncaster - Report it

If you’re sick and tired of your local community being spoiled by littering, fly-tipping, graffiti or dog poo; this is your chance to report it to the council.

What happens with my report?

Some people have questioned why it can take a while to see a difference to the local area after reporting environmental crime. Visit our 'Your Reports' page to find out exactly what happens when you report environmental crime. 

Every report of environmental crime we receive is extremely useful. It can be very difficult to catch these criminals, and without consistent reports from members of the public we rely on catching them in the act. However, with your reports we are able to build a map of hotspot areas; and concentrate our resources, including covert cameras, to those places. While it may take a while for the problem to be stopped, you should never stop reporting if you want to help us catch the culprits. 

Help us make Doncaster a nicer place to live.

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Last updated: 26 April 2024 08:19:34

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