As part of Street Scene's efforts to tackle the Climate & Biodiversity Emergency, a Naturalisation trial has begun across Doncaster allowing areas to grow wild in order to increase biodiversity.

What is naturalisation?

128 areas spanning over 1.5 million square metres in Doncaster have been ‘naturalised’ as part of Doncaster Council’s efforts to tackle the Climate & Biodiversity Emergency. Naturalisation is the process of allowing certain areas of wildflower and grassland to be left uncut during growing season to allow for wildlife and fauna to flourish.

As sites are being left to grow, desire lines and clean edges will still be maintained in these areas- making sure that the naturalised areas are still looking neat and tidy as well as staying accessible for the public. 

Why are we allowing parts of Doncaster to 'grow wild'?

In the past 50 years the UK has experienced declines in two thirds of its plant and animal species. Whilst there are a range of reasons for this, a loss of habitat is a significant factor.

Through rewilding certain areas across Doncaster, we hope that we can provide new habitats to protect the many species that are native to our borough. Not only that, but the 'rewilded' areas have allowed for the growth of hundreds of plants and wildflowers.

Where has been naturalised in Doncaster?

Naturalised areas can be found throughout the borough, a series of signs have been placed throughout these spaces to explain how they allow wildlife the opportunity to thrive. 

We're nurturing nature through naturalisation poster nailed to fence posts

Last updated: 16 June 2022 14:11:21

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