My House Is At Risk Of Flooding

The information below may be useful if you believe your house is a risk of flooding.



It's important to stay safe, make sure you follow advice from the emergency services.

You can read information from the Environment Agency about how to plan ahead for a flood including how to sign up for flood alerts and understanding the 3 levels of flood warnings that are issued.


Make sure you have insurance to protect your home or business. If you have buildings and contents insurance, check if flood damage is included.

If you rent your home, it’s your responsibility to protect your belongings.

If you’re finding it difficult to get your property insured for flooding, the National Flood Forum may be able to help.

The Flood Re scheme works with some insurance providers to reduce the cost of insuring certain homes against flooding.


  • Future requests for sandbags – We want to be as prepared as possible for any future flooding emergencies. In November 2019, we handed out over 50,000 sandbags. Our borough’s sandbag stocks have been replenished for the future and are currently being deployed to key strategic risk areas in response to Storm Dennis.
  • Collection arrangements - Please note that the areas which may experience flooding will be prioritised for collection.
  • Contaminated sandbags – If you have a sandbag that has been touched by flood water / sewage / oil / fuel, this is now classed as contaminated waste. Contact our advice line for information on collection on 01302 735688.
  • Untouched sandbags – If you were given sandbags as a precautionary measure and they have remained untouched by flood water, you can now choose to either keep hold of the sandbags for future use (they have a 3 month shelf-life) or place them on the side of the road for collection away from any contaminated sandbags.

Environment Agency Flood Alerts

If you live in an area at high risk of flooding, the Environment Agency can inform you of any flood warnings they issue. Click on the link below to Sign up for flood warnings or contact the Floodline on 0845 9881188 for advice on how to arrange this.

Flood warnings for South Yorkshire

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Last updated: 16 February 2020 11:14:08