Rights, responsibilities and reporting

Users, landowners and the council all have a role to play in maintaining public rights of way.

If you encounter a problem on any of our public rights of way, you can report it online here:

Please note that we cannot take action over blocked or disputed private rights of way. Anyone affected in this way should consult a solicitor. 

Rights of a user

The user of a right of way has the right to pass across the land, in the course of which activities such as resting or taking photographs may take place as long as the route is not obstructed. Activities such as camping or holding some kinds of meeting will constitute a trespass against the landowner.

  • dogs must be kept under close control, especially near livestock.
  • plan ahead and follow any signs.
  • leave gates and property as you find them.
  • protect plants and animals and take your litter home
  • consider other people

Landowners' and farmers' responsibilities

  • make sure that field edge paths are never ploughed out.
  • reinstate the line of cross-field paths within 14 days of ploughing it out.
  • remove growing crops from both the surface and sides of a route to ensure that the required width is free of obstruction.
  • maintain authorised stiles and gates in a good condition.
  • remove all overhanging vegetation.
  • keep routes free from other types of obstruction, such as machinery, fences or piles of earth.

Our responsibilities

Doncaster Council will:

  • protect the public's rights to use and enjoy Rights of Way.
  • make sure that surfaces are maintained to a state fit for the intended purpose.
  • clear surfaces of growth that might impede use.
  • clear vegetation from field edge paths.
  • signpost the start and end of routes.
  • waymark routes where the way forward is unclear.
  • make sure that routes are free from obstructions.
  • make sure that farmers reinstate the line of a right of way within 14 days of ploughing and keep the line of the route clear of encroaching crops.
  • maintain bridges to a safe standard.
  • contribute towards landowners' obligations to maintain stiles and gates.
  • keep the legal record documents up-to-date and available for public inspection.
  • receive and process requests to divert rights of way where appropriate.

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