Public rights of way - temporary closures

From time to time it is necessary to temporary close a public right of way in the interest of safety for users. Details of temporary closures are shown below.

Current and planned temporary public rights of way temporary closures



Public Footpath Number 8 Norton

The bridge over the River Went north of Norton Mill Lane was removed on 12 October 2020 because it was in a dangerous condition.  Although it is intended to replace the bridge it is not possible to give a date when this will take place.  A plan showing the location of the bridge may be downloaded below

Norton Bridge Removed
Download (494KB - PDF) 

Public Footpath Number 5 Sprotbrough

The Environment Agency will be carrying out work on the barrier bank alongside the River Don between Newton Farm and the A1 viaduct. Access will remain but users will be asked to walk along the bottom of the barrier bank during the works 

Public Footpath Number 11 Rossington

There is temporarily no access along the public footpath between Hunster Flat Lane, Rossington, and Stancil.  The footpaths are subject to a temporary closure in the interests of safety to allow for the construction of a new water main.

Rossington Temporary Closure Plan
Download (532KB - PDF)

Public Footpath Number 8 Hatfield

The public footpath that runs to the rear of the Doncaster North Service Station is  temporary closed between the junction of Crook Tree Lane and Nettlehome Lane, to safeguard the public during the construction of a new road.  The alternative route will be Crook Tree Lane, Cuckoo Lane and Nettleholme Lane.

Hatfield 8 diversion plan
Download (320KB - PDF)


Public Footpath Numbers 20, 21, 22 Bentley with Arksey

The footpath running alongside Bentley Ings Drain at Arksey is subject to a temporary closure to safeguard the public during construction of a new pumping station.  To facilitate the works and construct a new culvert under Ings Lane it has also been necessary to extend the closure to include the public footpath that leads off Ings Lane.  The plan below shows the affected footpaths.

BE 20 21 22 closure
Download (3.13MB - PDF)

Public Footpath Number 6 Adwick - Off Roman Ridge

The public footpath between the Roman Ridge and the Brodsworth Community Woodland car park will be subject to a temporary diversion to safeguard the public during construction works.  A plan showing the alternative route may be downloaded below and will be signed on site

AD6 Closure and diversion plan
Download (193KB - PDF)

Footpath from Marshgate to Newton Farm and Sprotbrough

The bridge carrying the public footpath across the River Don to the west of the prison at Marshgate was in a dangerously unstable condition and has been removed; the footpath between Marshgate and the bridge has therefore been temporary closed.  Work to provide a replacement bridge is due to start in Spring 2020.  The alternative route, is shown in the document below

Bridge at Marshgate temp closure
Download (324KB)

Apply to temporarily close a public right of way

Should you wish to apply to do this, please download the application form in the Downloads and Resources section of this page, which includes information about the procedure and costs. 



For further information contact the Public Rights of Way Section

  • telephone: 01302 736000
  • e-mail:
  • in person or by post: Public Rights of Way Service, Doncaster Council, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster DN1 3BU

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