Elmfield Park, Hyde Park

A short walk from the town centre, Elmfield Park is a great place for a stroll, keeping the little ones busy or enjoying some exercise.

Things to see and do at Elmfield Park

  • places to play including toddler and junior play areas and a playing field
  • picnic areas
  • sports facilities including tennis courts, a basketball post and football pitches (visit our football pitches page for booking information)
  • teen sheltered seating
  • bowling green (visit our bowling green page for booking information) 
  • walking routes throughout the park
  • a 2 mile gentle walk starting at the park. For the full route, visit our walking in Doncaster page
  • public sculpture/memorial

Getting to the park

The park is on Chequer Road, postcode DN1 2AN.

Whilst the park doesn't have its own car park, you can use Travel South Yorkshire's journey planner if you're travelling by bus. To do so, just enter where you're going from and to (Elmfield Park).

To see the park and the surrounding area, check out the following Google Maps view:

Parks and outdoor spaces

For a list of parks and outdoor spaces in Doncaster, how to report an issue and how to apply for a memorial in one of these spaces, visit our parks and outdoor spaces page. 

Last updated: 12 October 2018 12:05:01