Initiatives relating to Domestic Abuse

This page gives you details of local, regional and national initiatives relating to domestic abuse. If you have a domestic abuse service that you would like to promote on this page please contact

Domestic abuse champions

Domestic abuse champions are people from organisations across Doncaster that are committed to tackling domestic abuse.
They come together to form a multi-agency domestic abuse champions network, to keep up to date about the latest information and resources, and to collaborate on improving services.
Champions are expected to complete the following training modules:
  • Domestic abuse awareness
  • Coercive and controlling behaviour
  • DASH risk assessment and the MARAC
If you are interested in becoming a domestic abuse champion please contact 

Domestic abuse pin badges

A new domestic abuse pin badge has been designed to encourage people to talk to a pin badge wearer safe in the knowledge that they have completed domestic abuse training and know how to support them to get the right help and support.

  Domestic Abuse Awareness Training Pin Badge
For more information about the pin badges please contact 

Community Engagement Worker

Doncaster Children's Services Trust has appointed a new Community Engagement Worker who is reaching out to local communities in Doncaster.  The aim is to connect with with local businesses, community groups of all kinds as well as local solutions groups and localities to increase awareness of domestic abuse.

Anyone can experience domestic abuse. Increasing awareness and developing knowledge of local and national support for all family members (person causing the harm, victim and any children) will strengthen and support communities so that ‘we don’t accept this in our community’ becomes part of the fabric of community life. Supporting communities so that domestic abuse is identified early and that people know how to get help if they need it.

If you would like any further information, a friendly chat or would be interested in becoming a Domestic Abuse Champion in your Community please get in touch with Angie Emerton, Community Engagement Worker.  Email:

Inspire to Change

Inspire to Change - voluntary programme for people that are abusive to others

About Cranstoun Inspire to Change

Inspire to Change is a South Yorkshire wide service commissioned by the Local Authorities and the Office of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner.  It has been designed to help participants learn new skills and find better ways to manage and control their abusive behaviour. It encourages participants to think and behave more positively to prevent harm to their partner, children and family in the future.

Taking part in Inspire to Change gives participants:
  • An understanding of how to recognise the signs of domestic abuse
  • A better understanding of why they use violence or aggression in their relationships
  • An awareness of how attitudes and beliefs can affect behaviour
  • The practical tools to develop and maintain change
  • An improved and better life for themselves, their children and others affected by their behaviour

 Find out more by visiting the Cranstoun Inspire to Change website: Cranstoun Inspire to Change - Cranstoun


SmartWater is a forensic marking product that can transfer onto a person to provide evidence that they were at the scene of a crime.  In Doncaster it is being used to help protect victims of domestic abuse and deter persistent perpetrators from continuing their harassment and abuse.

Find out more about the Smartwater initiative


Domestic Abuse Navigator Service

DANS – The Domestic Abuse Navigator service (DAN’s) works whole family in response to domestic abuse to support families to safely recover from their experiences, either together or separately. Originally part of the Growing Futures project innovation funded by the Department for Education, the service has developed into a small specialist team who take an innovative approach to domestic abuse work. Informed by research the service aims to break the patterns of domestic abuse that exist within the relationship itself, in future relationships following separation and as part of the inter-generational transmission of abuse.

The team are highly skilled workers who complete psycho-educational and pyscho-therapeutic work with families ensuring that each family member is provided with the support they need including the victim, the children and the person causing the harm.

For more information visit the Doncaster Children's Services website: Growing Futures | Doncaster Children's Services Trust (

Caring Dads

Provided by the DAN’s service Caring Dads is a seventeen week evidence based programme that focuses on the relationship between father and child(ren) in the context of domestic abuse in the adult relationship. The aim of the programme is to increase safety for the mother and children, help fathers improve their relationships with their children and end controlling, abusive and neglectful behaviours within relationships.

Getting On

Getting On is a nine week group work programme for families who are experiencing Adolescent to Parent Violence and Abuse (APVA). Developed from research findings the programme takes a restorative justice approach and focuses on the reparation between the young person and their female parent/carer. Groups are separated and run concurrently with young people in one group and female parent/carers in the other. Learning across both groups is mirrored and safety is a primary consideration.

Level Up

Cranstoun have developed a new programme of support for young people who are causing harm towards others.

A new service to support young people aged between 11 and 15 who are showing signs of abusive behaviours has been launched in South Yorkshire.

The Level Up programme has been funded by the Office of the South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner and will be delivered by Cranstoun for a 12 month period starting from June 2022.

Cranstoun will work with up to 100 secondary school aged children over the next year who have been identified by social workers, police, teachers and other professionals as young people  who are showing abusive behaviours towards parents, siblings and intimate partners.

The programme for each young person will run as 10 bespoke one-to-one sessions, and will focus on how aggression, conflict and anger can impact on people close to the young people.

A team of specialist workers will be working with the young people to bring about change. They will also provide support to the families and partners who have been subject to abuse.

For more information email Cranstoun:

Escape the Trap

Escape the Trap logo

Escape The Trap is an eight week programme specifically designed to help 13-25 year olds recognise and protect themselves from relationship abuse.

Learn to identify controlling behaviours get relationship smart!

Join the Doncaster programme- 
Email: /
Tel: 01709 911 201 / 07398 831884

  YWCA Yorkshire and South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit logos

Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (Clare's Law)

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS) is often called ‘Clare’s Law’ after the landmark case that led to it. Clare’s Law gives any member of the public the right to ask the police if their partner may pose a risk to them. Under Clare’s Law, a member of the public can also make enquiries into the partner of a close friend or family member.

The Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme was launched in Doncaster in 2014.  A police led scheme, with two routes available 'Right to Ask' & 'Right to Know'.

The scheme has the following key principles: 

  • Introduce recognised and consistent procedures for disclosing information to persons with concerns about a current partner. It enables a current partner of a violent individual to make informed choices about whether, and how, to take forward that relationship. 
  • Disclosure is considered if it is lawful, necessary and proportionate to protect a potential person at risk from harm. 
  • Disclosure MUST be accompanied by a robust safety plan, based on all relevant information, which delivers on-going support to the potential person at risk.

Right to Know

As a practitioner, if you are aware of the risk to a victim you should make a referral to South Yorkshire Police under the Right to Know route. 

Should someone be at immediate risk of harm, always call 999 in an emergency. For further information and to make a request for a disclosure email:

Right to Ask

Clare’s Law gives any member of the public the right to ask the police if their partner may pose a risk to them. Under Clare’s Law, a member of the public can also make enquiries into the partner of a close friend or family member. 

Once an application is made, police and partner agencies will carry out a range of checks. If these reveal a record of abusive offences, or suggest a risk of violence or abuse, the police will consider sharing this information. The aim is to help people to make a more informed decision on whether to continue a relationship and provide help and support when making that choice. 

If the Police decide to make a disclosure, this will usually be made to the person at risk. This is unless, in the circumstances, someone else is better placed to use the information to protect them from abuse. 

Any disclosure will be made in person - none of the disclosure is made in writing and you will not be given any documentation. 

How to make an application under Clare's Law

To make an application the person enquiring will need to attend a police station in person or contact 101 where a police officer or member of police staff will take the details of the enquiry. They will also establish a safe way to contact the victim. 

Professionals should ensure that they are making people aware of the Right to Ask.

For more information visit the South Yorkshire Police website

Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPN) and Orders (DVPO)

A DVPN is an emergency non-molestation and eviction notice which can be issued by the police, when attending to a domestic abuse incident, to a perpetrator. Because the DVPN is a police-issued notice, it is effective from the time of issue, thereby giving the victim the immediate support they require in such a situation. Within 48 hours of the DVPN being served on the perpetrator, an application by police to a magistrates’ court for a DVPO must be heard. A DVPO can prevent the perpetrator from returning to a residence and from having contact with the victim for up to 28 days. This allows the victim a degree of breathing space to consider their options with the help of a support agency. Both the DVPN and DVPO contain a condition prohibiting the perpetrator from molesting the victim.
For more guidance visit the Government website.

Suicide Prevention

Approximately 400 people take their own life each year who have attended hospital for domestic abuse injuries in the previous six months, 200 of these attend hospital on the day they go on to take their own life.

It’s OK to ask about suicidal thoughts. If someone is feeling suicidal, it might be hard to get through to them. They might not open up straight away. But asking someone directly if they’re having suicidal thoughts can give them permission to tell you how they feel.

If someone does tell you that they are having suicidal thoughts, always take them seriously. Please listen and let them know you care and that help is available.

Samaritans | Every life lost to suicide is a tragedy | Here to listen  Telephone: 116 123

Free suicide training is available at - Free online training from Zero Suicide Alliance

Free Suicide prevention guidance for staff produced in Rotherham is available on this page for professionals to download.

You and Me, Mum

'You and Me, Mum' training is an 8 week programme for mothers with experiences of Domestic and Sexual Abuse.
Delivered by experience and qualified practitioners in the field of Domestic Abuse and Parenting. The course aims to empower, support and develop further understanding of a mother’s role in addressing the needs of children and young people who have lived with Domestic Abuse. Participates will learn:-

- To understand how Domestic Abuse affects you as a parent.
- To understand the effects of Domestic Abuse on children and young people.
- To develop effective communication skills with children and young people.
- To promote healthy relationships and develop positive strategies to deal with children’s behaviours when they do occur.
- To explore and develop safety planning to keep mothers, children and young people safe.

For further information, contact Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub on 01302 737080 or email us at Domestic Abuse Hub

Power to Change

Power to Change is a Self Esteem & Confidence Course for victims and survivors of domestic abuse. The course explores the impact domestic abuse has on self-esteem and aims to enhance self-awareness through peer support and discussion. Subjects covered are:

• How domestic abuse impacts self esteem
• Basic Rights
• Personal Needs & Needs within a Relationship
• Coping with Grief, Fear, Guilt & Anger
• Anger, Boundaries & Boundary Setting
• Assertiveness Skills
• Healthy Relationships & New Beginnings

Each course runs for 6 weeks in a support group setting. To refer please contact Doncaster Domestic Abuse Hub on 01302 737080.

Freedom Programme

The freedom programme is a 6 week course that provides knowledge and awareness around domestic abuse, healthy relationships and warning signs for future relationships delivered by experience and qualified practitioners in the field of Domestic Abuse.The aim of the course is to:

  • To help women take control back of their lives,
  • Recognise the beliefs held by abusive individuals and how this has an impact on not just themselves but their children.
  • Validate their own experiences and realise they are not alone
  • To recognise future warning signs & tactics used by those who are abusive.
 The Freedom programme is run in a group setting and completion of all sessions is required. To refer please call the Domestic Abuse Hub on 01302 737080.


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