Manage your Council Tax account online

We are pleased to provide a range of online services allowing you to manage your Council Tax account online. Many services can be used with only your Council Tax account number needed, whilst others may need you to register for a MyDoncaster account. Once registered, My Doncaster allows you to access arrange of online services offered by the Council.

View your Council Tax account online

If you want to check your account balance, view your instalments and payment history, check your Council Tax band, and much more, you can do so using our online account service.

Landlords - report a change in tenant or tenancy

If you are a landlord, and want to tell us that a tenant has moved into or out of a property, you can report this to us online.

Tell us you have moved

If you are moving into a property, moving home, leaving the area, or have any other changes in your household, you can report this to us online.

Apply for Local Council Tax Reduction

If you are on a low income, or receiving benefits you may able to get help paying your Council Tax. You can find out more about our Local Council Tax reduction (LCTR) scheme, and apply to us online.


If you would like to receive your Council Tax bill electronically as a paperless e-bill, you can register for this service using your MyDoncaster account.

Set up a new Direct Debit / Change an existing Direct Debit

If you want to pay your Council Tax by Direct Debit, or provide new bank details to amend an existing Direct Debit, you can provide your bank details and request this online.

If you are changing your bank details, once your form is submitted we will automatically stop taking payment from your old Direct Debit details (Please be aware that a payment may still be collected if your request is submitted within the 10 days before your usual payment date). Once the change is made on our system and before we start collecting payments from your new bank details, we will send you confirmation your Direct Debit has been changed. 

Pay now

You can pay your Council Tax when its convenient for you, using our online payment service.

Council Tax discounts or exemptions

If you think you might be entitled to discount or exemption on your Council Tax, you can find out more about the range of reductions available, and apply online.

Request a copy bill

If you have lost your Council Tax bill, and need a copy, you can request a new one online.

Report a missing Council Tax payment

If you have paid your Council Tax, but think we have not received your payment, you can report this to us online.

Change your payment method or date

If you would like to change when or how you pay your Council Tax, you can request this online.

Respond to a Single Occupier discount review letter

If you have received a Single occupier review letter from us, you can respond to the review online.

Submit and income and expenditure form

If you are having difficulty paying your Council Tax and have arrears, you can ask us to consider a payment arrangement. Using our online form you can provide details of your income and expenditure, and make an offer of payment for us to consider.

Submit an appeal

If you want to appeal a decision made by the Council Tax team, for example to refuse you a discount, or hold you liable for Council Tax, or dispute a completion notice, you can submit this online.

Report the death of a taxpayer

If a taxpayer has passed away, you can report this to the Council Tax team online and find out more information about how Council Tax is affected.

Submit a Council Tax enquiry form

You can contact the Council Tax team online about any Council Tax enquiry, using our online general enquiry form

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