Memorials available

We have a wide variety of memorials available from our Rose Hill office.

The availability of some memorials may vary, but we are on hand to offer advice on the options within the grounds.

While you may dedicate an item within the grounds, no cremated remains are permitted under/on any of the memorials listed below.

All memorials with lease terms are renewable.

Ornamental trees and shrubs (10 year lease)

New Bronze Tab Ornam Tree Form (Yellow)18-19
Download (207KB - DOC)

These are existing mature trees and shrubs with the placement of a bronze tablet or granite plaque. The amount of lettering on both of these depends on the size of the plaque you choose. There is also a vase supplied for any flowers you may wish to place there.

You can also add tablets/plaques to these memorials at any time.

Shrubs (rose and miniature), and rose trees have a five-year lease period and come with one plaque containing a standardised phrase - for example “In Loving Memory” - plus the name of the deceased.

  • rose shrubs are located at the back of the crematorium office. You can add extra plaques for an additional charge
  • rose trees are found in several locations within the grounds of Rose Hill. Up to five additional plaques can be purchased. There is also a vase supplied with the tree for any flowers you may wish to place there
  • miniature shrubs are located in the Memorial Gardens within the grounds of Rose Hill. Each memorial is made up of a small conifer and two miniature heathers

Bronze tablets (10 year lease)

Bronze tablets are situated on the kerb side of all the main paths within the crematorium grounds. In addition to dedicating a plaque to a loved one, there is an option to reserve a space or spaces for future use.

Granite vases (10 year lease)

Memorial Granite Vases (Green) 18-19
Download (204KB - DOC)

The vases are situated in several areas within the grounds of Rose Hill.

Memorial seats (10 year lease)

A limited number of memorial seats are available, these seats include a named plaque with the inscription of your choice.

Flower room and Book of Remembrance vases (one year lease)

Flower Room Book of Remembrance Room Vase (Pink) 18-19
Download (205KB - DOC)

Flower vases are set into the wooded framework, with the facility to accommodate a plaque.

Book of Remembrance

An entry in the Book of Remembrance is a popular memorial, as this is the only memorial available with no lease period. The pages are displayed for a number of years, after this they are bound into the book and the inscription can be viewed on request. See the Book of Remembrance page for more information.

Book of Remembrance application form 2018/19
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Book of Remembrance - text plan form
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Please visit the following page for details of memorial prices: Cemetery and Crematorium price list


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