Independent funeral arrangements

Alternative methods are available when arranging a funeral, widening your choice and providing the opportunity to reduce the costs.

Most people prefer to leave all the arrangements to a funeral director, who provide a caring service and a high level of professionalism.

However, there are times when family and friends may wish to have more control over the funeral arrangements. This can make the funeral more personal and meaningful, and can help them work through the grieving process. In such cases, you may limit the involvement of a funeral director or not use one at all.

An independent funeral will require you to spend time making the arrangements, which includes:

  • preparation and storage of the body
  • arranging a vehicle to collect and transfer the coffin
  • arranging people to act as pall bearers (those who carry the coffin)

Traditional funeral patterns do not have to be followed and it may be that a secular (non-religious) ceremony is preferred.

The service

Family and friends may wish to devise their own personal funeral service with readings, poems, songs, music, even silent contemplation. Families who have taken their own service have found it an emotional and moving experience.

You could even have the religious service first followed with a few minutes of your own ceremony. Some ministers will perform a part secular, part religious ceremony if those attending are of various beliefs.

There is the opportunity for tapes (cemetery chapels only) and CDs to be played at the service. Hymn books and prayer books are also available. There is a facility available at the crematorium for the service to the recorded if required.

Coffins and containers

You can purchase caskets, bronze urns or plastic containers for the cremated remains, from our Rose Hill office.

In the case of woodland burial, biodegradable coffins or shrouds are preferred as this keeps the environment as natural as possible.

Further information

If you are considering an independent funeral, or you would like more information or advice, contact us: 

Last updated: 27 July 2018 11:57:01