Information about the opening times, how to find us, facilities available at Rose Hill Crematorium and the disposal, collection and burial of cremated remains.


How to find us

Opening times

Bereavement Services Office:- 9am - 5pm

Rose Hill Cemetery and Crematorium Grounds:- Open at all times

Cremations and service times

We don't currently publish a list of cremations and service times on a regular basis online. We are looking into ways of doing this in the future.


  • car park- can accommodate up to 85 spaces. There is additional car parking space in the event of a large funeral
  • chapel- seats up to 115 people and standing area for approximately 70. Outside speakers are available for very large funerals. Service books are available at all times but individual song sheets are only available on request (needing prior notice)
  • waiting room- seats approximately 20 people
  • toilets- situated in the waiting room and the exit of the crematorium building. Disabled toilets available within the grounds
  • music- a wide and varied choice of music is available from our comprehensive list, which can be viewed via your funeral director. If a particular piece of music is not immediately available, the funeral director will try to source and provide the requested piece. (48 hours notice required)
  • organ- fee payable for use. Arrangements for an organist must be made in advance
  • recording- cremation services can be recorded to compact Memory Stick for a fee. Notice is required
  • disabled facilities- there are several spaces allocated in the car park. Wheelchair access is available into the crematorium. You can also loan a wheelchair while in the building or grounds. Please enquire at the Rose Hill office
  • visits- anyone wishing to view the facilities may do so. We openly encourage visitors
  • CCTV cameras are in operation around the building and within areas of the car park

Disposal of cremated remains

We have designated sections within the woodland, meadowland and children's burial areas as well as our Gardens of Remembrance where cremated remains can be scattered.

If the cremated remains are to be buried or strewn in or on a grave, regardless of location, permission must be obtained and arrangements made with the manager or landowner.

Although we are not obliged to keep records of locations of scatterings, approximate locations are known.

Floral tributes may be placed in scattering areas (ideally not in plastic wrapping), but as this is a shared natural area, any other memorials are not allowed and may be removed.

Collection of cremated remains

We are happy to safely and respectfully store the ashes of your loved ones for a short period of time if you are planning an interment in one of our facilities.  Otherwise, we expect your funeral director to collect the ashes for you at the earliest opportunity

Cremated remains shall only be released as requested by the applicant or funeral director who arranged the cremation. 

A certificate of cremation may be required if the cremated remains are to be interred or scattered elsewhere, so please check beforehand.

Burial of cremated remains

If you wish to have the cremated remains buried within the cemetery grounds, we offer the exclusive right of burial. This is for a period of 30, 50 or 75 years depending on the choices made from those listed below.

You have the choice of three plots. Each holds up to two sets of cremated remains. The memorials placed on these plots are only available from us.

  • special plot within a grassed area- The area can be left grassed or a choice of three flat memorials are available. However, these memorials do not have a flower container within them
  • large special plot- Cremated remains can be interred loosely, or held in approved containers. A wedge type memorial can be placed on this plot, which can have a flower container incorporated
  • memorial granite plot- Remains must be interred in approved containers such as metal urns, polyethylene urns, or caskets. A memorial granite stone can be placed on this plot, with a flower container provided

Cremated remains can be buried in any of the cemeteries controlled by Doncaster Council.

Further information

 For further information, please contact us: 

  • email:
  • tel: 01302 736900
  • address: Rose Hill Crematorium, Cantley Lane, Cantley, Doncaster, DN4 6NE
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