We offer Doncaster households a hazardous waste collection service. This service is provided once or twice a year and is dependant on demand.

What is hazardous waste?

Hazardous, or special waste, is generally described as waste containing hazardous substances in such a quantity that it is liable to cause death, injury or impairment to a living being, pollution of waters or an unacceptable impact on the environment if handled, treated or disposed of incorrectly. 

Asbestos disposal

We offer free disposal of asbestos (cement bonded only) and other solid items which are known to contain asbestos, eg Marley floor tiles, old toilet cisterns. We will only accept asbestos generated as a result of DIY work undertaken by you at your own home. Restrictions on quantity apply.

Asbestos disposal is only allowed at our Armthorpe site by pre-booked appointment made through the council.

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Paint and solvent based disposal thinners/brush cleaners

Paints can contain hazardous chemicals which must not be poured down the drain. For what to do with your paint, please read the following:

  • in order to comply with Environment Agency guidelines all water-based liquid paint must be made solid by adding sand, soil, sawdust or cat litter and left to air-dry to solidify it before being disposed of at a Household Waste Recycling Centre.
  • it is recommended that solvent based paints be disposed of through the council's hazardous waste collection service 
  • as paint is a difficult waste stream to dispose of, residents are advised to seek to minimise waste paint by following ‘coverage guidance’ when buying paint and ensuring it is stored in the correct conditions.
  • local community groups or charities will sometimes be able to make use of paint
  • solvent based thinners/brush cleaners are flammable, harmful to the environment and classed as hazardous waste.
  • it is recommended that solvent based thinners/brush cleaners be disposed of through the council's hazardous waste collection service 

Hazardous waste collection service

Due to the infrequent nature of requests and the need to hire a qualified chemist, requests for the collection of hazardous waste will be kept on file until there are enough requests to ensure value for money from a collection round. Once sufficient requests have been received residents will be contacted and informed of the collection arrangements.

In order to reduce the amount of hazardous waste created and requiring disposal, please, when purchasing goods, look to purchase the correct amount for the job you are doing, avoiding waste in the first place.  Certain wastes including paints and chemicals can be classed as hazardous or special wastes and require specialist disposal.

Rather than waste products/materials, the environmentally preferred option is to re-use them. Should you have excess material that is likely to go to waste please look to re-use them or donate them to someone else who will be able to put them to use.

Should you still have hazardous waste items that require disposal, please provide as much information about the product as possible, including:

  • the product name
  • manufacturer
  • quantity
  • details about the container - is it leak proof? If the containers are leak proof please store securely until a collection is arranged, if a container is leaking, please double bag it and store separately from other materials.

Please note - asbestos disposal is not included in the hazardous waste collection service.

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