Who are the Workforce?

And what do they do?

The 'social care workforce' is far reaching and difficult to define, in that it covers all those working with and in contact with people who need support to continue to live their life as independently as possible in Doncaster. This can be in their own homes, care homes, day care, health establishments or in the wider neighbourhoods or community.

They include: 

  • local authority ASC workforce 
  • independent and private sector social care workforce 
  • staff in voluntary and community sector (including social enterprises, user led organisations) providing social care 
  • social care staff in a health setting
  • individual employers (with paid carers or personal assistants etc) 
  • personal assistants, unpaid carers, family and friends 
  • neighbourhoods and citizens (responding to the Big Society Agenda) 
  • universal services eg. housing, leisure 
  • future partnerships which are developed alongside changes in the sector

We have jointly developed a Workforce Strategy that the whole of the Adults Workforce in Doncaster can relate to. We hope to channel the main focus of this workforce into the common issues of early intervention, prevention and choice with a core ethos of true person centred care, across the Borough. If you would like to read this strategy please view the Workforce Strategy page


  • email: Karen.Milner@doncaster.gov.uk
  • tel:  01302 737456
  • address: Workforce Development Team, Adults, Health and Wellbeing, Civic Office, Waterdale, Doncaster, DN1 3BU


Last updated: 01 May 2018 13:29:53